Brit Weapons Exports, Duh

US and Brit foreign policy now blatantly supports those seeking Israel’s destruction. Besides being grossly immoral, these policies actively harm Americans and Brits.

The Brits, perhaps because they are more anti-semitic, don’t try to disguise their animosity:

The British government has blocked almost one third of British military exports to Israel this year, citing possible threats to regional stability and fears the equipment might facilitate human rights violations.

According to official figures, the value of UK military sales arms to Israel declined by one third last year, and has fallen by a drastic 75 percent since 2005.

This is not a big deal for the Israelis, who only import about $30 million of Brit technology. But it’s deeply hypocritical to embargo the only democrcay in the region while shipping billions of dollars of arms to the Iranian and Saudi dictatorships.

For example:

In December 2005 the governments of the UK and Saudi Arabia signed an “Understanding Document” which involved the sale of Typhoon aircraft to replace RSAF Tornados and other aircraft.

Although no details were released, reports suggested the deal involved the supply of 72 aircraft. On 18 August 2006 a contract was signed for 72 aircraft. The aircraft cost approximately £5.2 billion, however the full weapons system is expected to cost approximately £10 billion…

The Typhoon is an advanced multi-role strike fighter, and in the hands of the Saudis is a real threat to “regional stability”.

And by protecting the Saudi regime, it enables beheadings, limb hacking and “deaths through fright” of men caught washing their cars (hat tip LGF):

A Bangladeshi man died of fright after being arrested by Saudi Arabia’s controversial religious police for washing a car instead of praying…

The unnamed man died last week in the holy city of Medina after being detained by members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice…

Selling these planes helps the Brits to build more for themselves, but the deal seems very corrupt:

The Serious Fraud Office conducted an investigation into a series of corruption allegations that had been reported in the press since September 2003 in relation to the Al Yamamah deals.

The UK government discontinued the investigation on 14 December 2006 on grounds of the public interest.

Such a corrupt contract probably had a clause requiring the Brits to stop supplying the Israelis.

But the Brits are deeply dependent on the Israelis for their own defense. For example the laser designator on the Typhoon is the LITENING, made by Rafael Corporation of Haifa, which killed all those Hizbollah Katyusha crews last year.

Israel also supplies the Brits with their top-of-the-line UAV (my ellipsis):

Watchkeeper WK450 is a £800 million contract awarded in July 2005…to provide the British Army with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for all weather, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance…

The Watchkeeper is to be based on the (Israeli) Elbit Hermes 450

The Watchkeeper will be built in the UK by a joint venture company (with) majority Israeli ownership…

So if Brit foreign policy pays off, and Israel is wiped off the map, the Brit Army and Air force will lose support for two of their key weapons systems.


Finally the Brits supplied the Mullahs with the night vision equipment used by Hizbollah to kill Israelis. As you’d expect, in return the Iranians are killing Brit troops in Iraq.

Double Duh.


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  1. Gandalf,

    Thanks for the information. I wasn’t really aware of this. Good points! …..steve

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