Israeli v Brit MSM

At first sight, the Israeli MSM seems as biased as the UK’s – here’s how the Jerusalem Post reported Benjamin Netanyahu’s landslide win of leadership of the opposition Likud party.

Feiglin encouraged despite defeat

Despite losing the Likud primary to Binyamin Netanyahu, Moshe Feiglin said Wednesday that he was encouraged by the results.

Feiglin told Army Radio that “some quarter of Likud members say they want a leadership that believes in this people and this land. They understand that this country has no chance (at the moment).”

According to the final count, Netanyahu won 73.2 percent of the votes, while Feiglin got 23.4% and Danny Danon 3.4%.

But the Brit BBC is much worse –here’s how it reported a radical proposal to roll back the boundaries of government by the opposition Tory party’s John Redwood:

Mr Redwood, head of the Tory competitiveness policy review, this weekend announced a raft of proposals aimed at freeing companies from restrictive legislation.

His report was welcomed by many on the Right of the party as a return to more Thatcherite market policies.

But several BBC channels illustrated the proposals with notorious clips of Mr Redwood trying and failing to sing the Welsh national anthem in 1993.

Sandbagging using a 14-year old video clip wasn’t just the BBC’s normal lefty bias:

Among many other proposals, the Tory report called the BBC licence fee a “poll tax” and warned it against abusing its monopoly rights.

The difference between Brits and Israelis is if the latter don’t like the Jerusalem Post, they can buy another paper, while every Brit with a TV set is forced by law to pay for the BBC.

Which is, of course, why the BBC is so awful.


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