Islamofascist For “Out Of Context”

Turns out that for Islamofascists and their Brit cop fellow-travelers, the “out of context” defense means they incited only Muslims.

In January this year, a TV documentary broadcast recordings of Muslim preachers in Brit mosques inciting:

Sedition: The overthrow of the Brit democracy and sovereign and its replacement by an Islamic dictatorship over native Brits (the preachers call us Kuffaars).

Treason: Praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers.

Murder: Of apostates, homosexuals, Jews and Brits.

Sexism: Stating that women should be treated as inferior beings

Pedophilia: Advocating men marry prepubescent kids.

Child abuse: Advocating the beating of 8 year old girls who refuse to wear veils.

The cops where most of these crimes were committed ruled these statements were “taken out of context”, tried (and failed) to bust the TV station, and ended up asking the TV regulators sanction it. They left the hate-preachers unmolested (but presumably continuing to molest).

In English usage, “out of context” means the offending statement was subordinate to another one that negated it. For example, the preacher who told men to marry prepubescent kids would need to have said something like this:

“Some British Muslims say ‘it’s right to marry prepubescent girls’. But it isn’t, since a) it’s wrong, b) it hurts the kids, and c) it’s illegal.”

But the TV program doesn’t show any hint of such qualifications, and the cops have produced no evidence of them.

So we must assume cops and preachers use a special, Islamofascist, definition.

A report today provides this:

A Muslim terror suspect living in the UK has publicly praised the insurgents who are battling British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan…

In a debate on al-Jazeera television last month, he declared: “There are no real men except for the people of Islam. Look at the people who give reason to hold the head of Islam high.

“In politics they are the masters. In the battlefield they are the masters. They are the ones who rub in the mud the nose of the occupation forces in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Palestine, throughout the world.”

He also contrasted Islamic extremists with pro-Western secular leaders in the Middle East, who, he said, “should be placed in public squares so that people can hit them with their shoes and spit on them”.

Challenged about his outburst, al-Sibai insisted he was speaking as a political analyst, rather than glorifying the insurgents. He claimed his words had been “mistranslated and taken out of context”.

Dismissing the mistranslation defense (since he doesn’t provide an alternative), this can only mean that he thinks that the context al-Jazeera is outside the context of living:

…with his wife and five children in a £600,000 four-bedroom housing association home in a fashionable area of Hammersmith, west London.

That must be because only Muslims listen to al-Jazeera, whereas Hammersmith is mostly non-Muslim.

The West Midlands cops must use the same rule, reasoning that since only Muslims listen to the preachers’ incitements, that places these statements outside the context of Brit society.

The problem is the men listening to this hate speech can’t carry out the recommended behaviors inside their mosques, since they don’t contain Brit soldiers, women, small girls, Jews, gays, Kuffars, etc for them to kill or otherwise victimize.

They have to go outside the mosque to follow their preachers’ advice.

And that’s against the law except in the area of the West Midlands cops.

The Brits may survive this (my ellipsis):

The police decision to complain to Ofcom about a controversial Channel 4 documentary raises “serious questions about media freedom”, the Tories said yesterday.

(The Tory spokesman) wrote: “This decision raises serious questions about media freedom in Britain, and about whether public authorities tasked with upholding the rule of law are now, as a matter of policy, giving special assistance to those who seek to undermine the rule of law, and the pluralist, liberal, democratic culture which both underpins it and guarantees community cohesion.

“As you know, the decision has caused widespread concern.

“It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that this is a politically motivated referral, driven by the mistaken belief that the best means of dealing with separatist extremists is to appease them.

“If so, this referral is likely to encourage extremists, discourage moderates, damage public confidence in the CPS and West Midlands Police, compromise media freedom and undermine the Government’s stated community cohesion policy.”

Not exactly a call to arms, but there’s a chance these creeps may be busted

But don’t hold your breath, and make sure you, your loved ones, and your money, stay well away from the West Midlands.


12 Responses to Islamofascist For “Out Of Context”

  1. salahudin says:

    selective reporting.

  2. gandalf says:


    Thanks for drawing my attention to “selective reporting” as an alternative defense when “out of context” is busted.

    PS: Shouldn’t it be Salahuddin?

  3. Jay says:

    I think “surrender” is closer to the truth.

    The UK needs to wise up and come up with some sort of “publicity stunt” along the lines of offering police officers from Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, etc a “working vacation” in the UK. Tell them to just go out there and be cops – no charges, no nothing. Just let them enforce the law for a little while, maybe the Brits will even like it.

  4. salahudin says:

    i would’ve written salahuddin but i thought why trouble simple minded westerners with complex spellings – especially when they have cute little monosyllabic names like:

    bob, tim, john, bill, greg, tom, fred etc.

    see? i did it for your convenience. no need to fry your brains over my name… 😛

    anyhoo, would you care for a debate on which one of us knows the “real islam” ??? if i whip your ass, (which I know you’ll admit since as a white guy your work ethic is most likely to be nice and honest!) then you will post on this blog stating you were wrong. if you kick MY ass then i’ll do the same… hmmm?

    if i kick your ass and you don’t admit, i will humiliate your little blog by advertising our debate everywhere i can. and you can do the same if vice versa.

    soOoOOoOo… hows about it, gandalf the grey?

  5. […] down the gauntlet 20 08 2007 This idiot is somewhat justifiably pissed at Islam. Although he went beyond “reason” to bash it […]

  6. gandalf says:

    Salahuddin & INTOT

    The Brits have one of the most tolerant cultures in the world, absorbing waves of immigrants over the centuries, including many of my family’s forbears.

    That’s been to the UK’s advantage.

    The Muslim community is the first wave of immigrants to contain a violent group that attacks and rejects the host society.

    The polls show that quite a large percentage of the Brit Muslim community – I suspect mostly young males – support these atrocities.

    Now other polls show Brits reacting against these attacks (and the limp-wristed response of their elites) with fear and suspicion of the entire Muslim community – see the piece from the Financial Times I blogged today. That’s headed for disaster.

    If you are Brit Muslims , or their friends, you should confront these facts, not seek to debate them away.

    Perhaps then you can help Brit Muslims either to come to terms with the host culture – warts and all.

  7. gandalf says:


    Well, it’s a surrender of the Brit elites, but not of the people.

    Brit men and women want their kids protected and the laws enforced.

    The last time the elites drifted this far from the people, we had a Civil War.

    If it comes to that a few Texas Rangers would come in very useful!

  8. salahudin says:

    brits!? TOLERANT!????

    go see a doctor: you seem to suffer from severe historical amnesia!!!

    Anyhow, this doesn’t justify the islamofascists in europe, mind you.

    But as far as your selective reporting is concerned, you REALLY need to educate yourself. go back to high school.

    and er… what about the debate challenge? are you up for it? c’mon… do it for bush & cheney

  9. gandalf says:



    But feel free to make factual comments.

    Anything else, including ad hominem, gets eaten by the voracious DU hamster

    PS, Don’t you mean hysterical amnesia? “Historical” is tautological.

  10. uspace says:

    STOP KUFFARPHOBIA Demo in London Friday 10/26!

    I think we all must start calling the hateful Left and Islamofascists ‘racists’. We should scream that they are hateful towards the Christian race, and the Jewish race, and the Hindu race, and the Atheist Race, that they are Christianityphobiasts. They will scream that Christianity is not a race, and we’ll say:

    “See, Islam is NOT a race either.
    And by the way, the Bible doesn’t say to convert, conquer or kill non-Christians; like the Koran says to do to non-Muslims. So there YOU RACIST hater of non-Muslims!”

    Stay safe in London everybody!!

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t call a spade a spade

    Islamist terrorism
    not related to Islam

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    many Taliban planets

    stonings and beheadings
    billions killed daily

  11. gandalf says:


    Darn, I missed the demo – hope it went well!

  12. gandalf says:

    uspace (PS)

    Nice blog, in particular the Banned in Red China.

    Fascists in our homes:
    The false leader gives to them
    Our ancient freedoms.

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