It’s Happening Here

“Here” is the UK, and “It” is fascism.

Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology…that considers individual and other societal interests subordinate to the needs of the state…

It Happened Here is a Brit classic movie about what might have happened if the Nazis had occupied the UK in 1940. All ends well, with a US/Canadian/Free British invasion from Ireland.

The film most impresses by showing Brits collaborating. A painful sequence has normal-seeming Brit nurses and doctors in an English cottage hospital murdering slave workers – probably Jewish Poles – under the guise of treating them.

The message of the film is that Brits are not magically immune to the virus of fascism, and some are capable of the basest depravity.

Now it is made real – here are four Brit Social Services employees telling a couple how they plan to take their newborn baby.

Update 8/24/07: YouTube has suppressed this video, but you can download it from a US site here.

The story:

Vanessa Brookes, 34, who is due to give birth early next month, smuggled taping equipment into a meeting with social services officials, fearing they would try to take her baby for forced adoption.

She recorded a social worker telling her and her husband Martin, 41, that even though there was “no immediate risk to your child from yourselves”, the council would seek a court order to place the child in foster care.

Mother and baby would be allowed “two or three days” in hospital together, but should not leave the premises until social workers came to remove the infant. In a desperate attempt to keep their baby, the couple have published the recorded conversation on the internet.

Calderdale council, in West Yorkshire, last night accused them of breaching the Data Protection Act by recording its staff without their knowledge or consent. The council said it had begun legal action to have the recording removed from the YouTube website…

Social services took an interest in the Brookes family after Mrs Brookes, who is partially-sighted, was diagnosed with depression and a personality disorder, leading to concerns that her baby might be subjected to “emotional abuse”. Neighbours have complained that the couple’s household was disorderly, but neither has been accused of abusing or harming a child.

Taking babies from mothers at birth is a fascist specialty – the Argentinian Junta did this to force “confessions” from their distraught mothers.

Fascists are contemptuous of the law, so the Social Services employees in this recording break English Law.

They threaten legal action without allowing their victims legal representation present; they falsely claim they can make a hospital inform on its patients; they threaten to retaliate if a judge rejects their claim to take the baby (which he surely must); and they give false advice about breast feeding (in which physical proximity to its mother is at least as valuable to the baby as sustenance). And they hide – from security cameras and YouTube.

Plus they’re trying to cast this baby into hell – here’s what happens to the kids they take:

Most young people in local authority care are destined to end up in prison, homeless or working as prostitutes, a report by a think tank claims.

Of the 6,000 who leave care each year, 4,500 will have no qualifications and a fifth will be homeless, says the study by the Centre for Policy Studies.

In 2005, 60,900 children were in care with most placed with foster parents or in children’s homes.

In a healthy democracy, these Social Security thugs would be unemployable.

So let’s watch this one run. If the fascists succeed in shutting down the YouTube post, or the judge takes the baby away, the Brits are lost.

If the thugs are fired, there may be hope.


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