Brit Backlash Against Muslims

A poll shows the Brit elite’s appeasement of Islamofascists has turned the Brit people against Muslims in general. Unless it changes course, Brits will take matters into their own hands and innocents will suffer.

In our recent visit to London we noticed two disturbing developments:

– a significant increase in the number of head-to-toe veiled Muslims walking the streets

– the waves of distaste (side comments, hard looks, body langauge, bumping) they evoked in the crowds of Brits they walked through.

A year ago, there were less veils, and no distaste.

This anecdotal experience is accurate:

Britons are more suspicious of Muslims than Americans and other Europeans are, according to a poll for the Financial Times.

Only 59 per cent of Britons thought it possible to be both a Muslim and a citizen of their country, a smaller proportion than in France, Germany, Spain, Italy or the US – the other countries polled by Harris Interactive.

British citizens were also the most likely to predict a “major terrorist attack” in their country in the next 12 months; to consider Muslims “a threat to national security”, and to believe Muslims had too much political power in their country…

The findings suggest that terrorist plots against the UK, including the London bombings of July 7 2005, have hardened British attitudes towards Muslims. Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain blamed the findings on what he called “a vicious campaign” by the press against the Muslim community.

Most British respondents – 52 per cent – expected a “major terrorist attack” in their country within a year. Even in Spain where the Basque extremist group Eta has recently abandoned a ceasefire, only 32 per cent predicted a big attack. The numbers fell to 30 per cent in the US and 15 to 18 per cent in France, Italy and Germany.

The Brits are being rational – they see Muslims inciting terror being protected by cops, pols and judges, while living in taxpayer-funded comfort. So they deduce the terror-inciters can do as they promise.

So they (correctly) use Bayesian logic to decide their best bet is to treat all Muslims they don’t know as potential murderers.

As the article points out, the Spanish – who suffered a bigger Muslim mass murder than 7/7 – think their Muslims are less a threat to national security. That’s because the Spanish government has fought actively against terrorists, not protected them.

The Brits are a very tolerant people, so all is not lost:

However, on more personal measures of integration – having Muslim friends and accepting the marriage of their child to a Muslim – Britons showed more enthusiasm than some other countries.

But if the pols, cops and judges continue to appease Muslim terror, the Brits will become actively hostile.

I’d guess they have a year.


6 Responses to Brit Backlash Against Muslims

  1. Jay says:

    Makes sense, you Brits have more muslims than we (US) do. The french probably have more than you but they’ve an incredible number of idiots in the french population – that Hollywood attitude that says make nice-nice and everything will be fine.

    Your Bayesian logic mention is the best hope for the Brits.

    Side note: How come I can’t cut and paste on this blog*? Is that on purpose?

    *I can paste I guess, just can’t cut.

    I may sue you for discrimination against me or something.

  2. gandalf says:


    Nooo, anything but the lawyers!

    Can you highlight text on the blog? I can, but then the blasted thing knows it’s me.

    If you can, even if it doesn’t give you a right click Copy or Cut, you can hit Ctrl and C.

    Then you can paste with Ctrl and V.

    I just did this with a bit of your comment below:

    Side note: How come I can’t cut and paste on this blog*? Is that on purpose?

  3. Jay says:

    Time for the lawyers.

    I think your second para is the answer, this blog is just plain afraid of you.

    As is everybody.

    No, I can’t do anything. Can’t highlight, so I never get to the option of right clicking and selecting copy (I’m accustomed to ctrl insert anyway, but obviously can’t do that either).

    My lawyer tells me he thinks it means you have a hatred of Americans, so that’s where the lawsuit is going.

    My apologies to your wife, who sounds like a nice person (as opposed to you of course).

  4. gandalf says:


    I’ve tried it using IE7 and Firefox2 on Mrs G’s laptop, and then had her run it, in case of Gandalf-induced fear.

    Worked both times.

    Sounds like a browser problem – which do you use?

    PS I bet when our case gets to the Supremes, they’ll rule that Ameriphobia is protected by the Constitution. And probably make it mandatory.

    PPS The traitorous Mrs G says she agrees with your character assessment.

  5. Jay says:

    I’m using IE6.0.s-something. I’ll just write it off to the browser, tho I don;t think I’ve had the problem on any other blogs – haven’t noticed anyway.

  6. imran khad says:

    British are the most disgusting evil race ever born

    and they are butt ugly.

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