Rape Won’t Get The Girl

Brits hate the loss of sovereignty in the EU Treaty/Constitution, so Brown and his Euro buddies plan to force it through without the promised referendum.

Rape is a lousy basis for a relationship, so that’ll have the Brits out of the EU soon.

This makes it tough for Brown to continue to say the new EU treaty is different from the one rejected by Dutch and French voters:

A group of Europe’s “wise men” has pronounced that the European Union treaty agreed by Tony Blair in June is substantially the same as the constitution rejected two years ago.

The elder statesmen’s verdict was seized on yesterday by critics who insisted that Gordon Brown must honour the Government’s promise of a referendum on the document…

The so-called Amato group’s assessment carries weight because the 16 senior politicians include two members of the convention that drew up the constitution – Mr Amato and Jean-Luc Dehaene, the former Belgian prime minister – as well as former leaders of the Netherlands, Finland and Greece.

It said: “The proposed new treaty and supplementary protocols take over almost all the innovations contained in the constitutional treaty. They only leave aside the symbolic changes which were introduced by the constitutional treaty – such as the title of the treaty or the symbols of the union.”

The Euros simply rebuilt their Constitution (which was stand-alone) as edits to existing treaties (programmers call this Refactoring). The original Constitution and edits both include the Brit “opt-outs” that Brown claims make the Treaty different.

There’s a macro analysis of the Constitution v the Treaty here and a line-by-line analysis here (both are via EU Referendum, which has covered the scandal in detail).

This is all to allow EU governments to wriggle out of holding referendums on the Treaty (which are bound to lead rejection) they’ve committed to for the Constitution.

Thus, having failed at seduction the Euros are trying rape. But – in the UK at least – rape makes victims mad at, not compliant with, their attackers.

Euros hope to control that by telling Brits if they kick up a fuss they’ll just have to leave (my emphasis of the more ludicrous quotes):

Mr Brok, the European parliament’s representative on inter-governmental negotiations on the treaty. “It would be very unfair of the UK if, having more or less got what it wanted in the new treaty, it would then turn round and put this to a popular vote.”

“For me, that would undermine the negotiations on the treaty and even go as far as to question Britain’s credibility as an EU member.

“Britain is a valued member of the EU but we should perhaps remember that the treaty contains an article which gives any member state the right to leave the EU if it so wishes.”

Herr Brok is a lying toad. And 80% of Brits want a referendum.

If Brown honors his promise and holds the referendum, the Brits will reject the Treaty and so leave the EU.

If he forces through his Treaty, that’ll just delay the withdrawal to the next government or the one after.

The UK will be fine outside the EU – it’s the EU’s largest export market and has its only oil and gas, so the Euros don’t have a lot of leverage.


2 Responses to Rape Won’t Get The Girl

  1. Jay says:

    Has it’s only oil and gas? I guessa you’re forgetting the buddies of the french and Germans: the Russians.

    The whole EU thing has me terribly confused. The common market idea, well, that’s fine – tho from what I’ve read the french managed to exlude themselves (their farmers) from anything resembling fair trade. Am also very confused over the Eastern Europeans. Decades under socialism and what do the Poles, Hungarians and Czechs (and etc) do? Argh, they join a socialist organization! Gave up their soverignty, gave up their money – holy crap, they make no sense to me at all (and I really had high hopes for eastern Europe).

    At least the Brits managed to hang on to the pound but how long before that’s gone as well? Can’t happen? Seen any German marks lately? Used to be the gold standard of a solid currency and now it’s . . . well, it’s not anything anymore – their money is controlled by the french (okay, Brussells – close enough).

    If England has any sense at all it will distance itself as far as possible from the EU. A bit more sense and it will initiate some sort of NAFTA with the US, a North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement. Include things like the important stuff – MONEY. Simplify the laws (better, eliminate them) and connect Brit stock exchanges with the US. Kill the lawyers who disagree (okay, maybe we can’t do that – maybe).

    The way you folks over there are going tho, I think when the next major war comes up England will not only not be on our side, it may be on the other side. Okay I guess, we can still count on Australia.

  2. gandalf says:


    I agree & will do a post on these issues when the temperature here fall below 105 degrees.

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