Murdering Mosquitoes (and Moths)

The pesky brutes have reinforcements.

The Tiger Mosquito:

An Asian breed of mosquito capable of carrying fatal diseases has been found in Britain for the first time, experts said yesterday.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is normally only found in the forests of Asia, Africa and South America but was discovered in a suburban garden in Gloucestershire.

The insect, which is about 5mm (0.2in) long with distinctive yellow stripes, is believed to have entered the UK on shipments or flights and has thrived in the warm, wet summer.

Julian Berryman recognised the mosquitos when they were spotted in his partner’s back garden in Cheltenham

Tiger mosquitoes are common it Italy, and the report fails to mention their really nasty feature – they bite throughout the day, not just at dusk. To protect our planned Italian place against these brutes, I have designed a multi-layered, multi-modal, agile defense system.

But it gets worse:

Asian Tiger Moths were first reported in Europe in 1979 in Albania and later in Italy in 1990. More recently it has been recorded in France, Belgium, Montenegro, Israel, Switzerland, and Spain.

I’ll just have to add a Phalanx layer to cope with these monsters.


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