The Depravity Of YouTube

Google subsidiary YouTube follows its parent – victimizing the weak and appeasing the strong. There will be a reckoning for this depravity.

We initially dropped Google because it’s run by hypocrites – appeasing China’s dictators while opposing the US government.

It does so because it fears the Chinese dictatorship (which rules by violence) and does not fear the US government (which rules by laws).

Google recently bought YouTube.

Here’s a current YouTube video made by terrorists killing a US tank with an IED. The attack will have seriously injured the crew, and may have killed them.

Thus YouTube provides a pulpit to people who kill the soldiers fighting to keep us (including YouTube and Google) safe, and the Iraqis free.

Now consider this YouTube video of a pregnant woman being told by a Brit Social Services employees how they they plan to take her baby as soon as it’s born.

Except you can’t because YouTube suppressed it to protect the state bullies.

So why does YouTube show the attempted murder of our defenders, and censor state-sanctioned bullying of a poor, partially blind, and heavily pregnant woman?

The answer can only be that YouTube, like Google, fears the strong – who might terrorize it or sue it – and is contemptuous of the weak and law-abiding.

There is good news – a depraved Google leaves a huge gap in the market for a civilized competitor.


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