The Brit Pedophile Parlor

The Brit socialist government is putting intimate details of every kid in the country (except theirs) onto a database with 330,000 users. That’s impossible to secure, so the world’s pedophiles just got lucky. Shame about the kids.

The database is called ContactPoint and was set up in response to the murder of an illegal immigrant kid (who, being illegal, wouldn’t have been on this database if it had existed at the time). The initial dataset covers all kids under 18:

  • name, address, gender and date of birth;
  • a unique identifying number;
  • the name and contact details of any person with parental responsibility or who has care of him at any time;
  • details of any education being received by him, including details of any educational institution attended;
  • the name and contact details of any person providing primary medical and other services specified by the Secretary of State;
  • information as to the existence of any cause for concern in relation to him;
  • other information, not including medical records or other personal records, specified by the Secretary of State..

…(but) the database will not include telephone numbers or addresses of celebrities’ children, nor of those of children with violent parents.

I’m guessing pols will categorize themselves as “celebrities”. For the rest of the kids, it gets worse (my ellipsis):

The database can include information of a ‘sensitive’ nature, defined as issues relating to sexual health, mental health and substance abuse, although consent from the child or the child’s guardians is needed, and it will not appear as such on the database; it will only note that the child is receiving help from ‘sensitive services’ and will not say what this is.

(BUT) Refusal of consent can be overridden if this can be justified.

(The) children’s minister, has said that drug or alcohol use by parents, relatives and neighbours, together with other aspects of their behaviour, may be recorded. The database can also apply to 18–25-year-olds who are care leavers or have learning disabilities…although the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child only applies to those under 18 in England and Wales…and their permission is needed.

So with a few mouse clicks the world’s pedophiles can find Brit kids of specific gender and age, in a specific location, with (say) learning, sexual, and alcohol problems, and problematic parents.

And it’ll be really easy for them to do it:

It will be available to an estimated 330,000 vetted users. Some of those allowed to check records, such as head teachers, doctors, youth offender and social workers, are uncontroversial, but critics have questioned why other potential users, such as fire and rescue staff, will have access to the database.

The only secure database is deep underground, with USA NSTISSAM Level I shielding, zero external connectivity, guarded by heavily armed and trigger-happy Special Forces. Everything else you hack.

And let’s look at those users and their vetting.

The professions listed are all power-centered, and these attract a disproportionate number of sinners (and some saints). So this group will contain at least the same proportion of psychopaths as the general population – 3%.

That’s about 10,000 psychopaths with access to the life of every Brit kid.

And you can’t vet them out – if we could, crime levels would be minimal. That’s because deep vetting is very expensive – my security vetting took a team 6 weeks.

That’s not possible for 330,000 users, so most psychopaths (always clever liars) will get through. Plus many “normal” users will sell the kids’ details for money or to buy off threats to themselves or their families.

Then there’s phishing, as used by the world’s criminal fraternity to access the IRS database.

And there are many other ways to hack a network-accessed database – you just need good Unix skills.

Brit pols must know this database is wide open. But they’re lefties, so consider the resulting rapes, abductions, and killings an acceptable price to pay for building their Holy Grail – a complete database covering every citizen (except them).

The good news is that easily hackable databases can also be easily wiped.

If that’s not done soon, Brit parents should either take up politics to get their kids shielded, or emigrate.


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