Illegal Immigration: Also Bad for Our Kids

Here’s an excellent comment on the US immigration policy that favors poorly educated illegal workers over legal PhDs.

I’ll never understand Bush & Co’s preference for drug-dealing, murdering, grade school drop-out foreign invaders over doctors from India, carpenters from Holland, engineers from Taiwan, etc.

Sure, somebody has to haul the garbage but we have our own drop-outs for that (and garbage men make good money anyway). Drives me nuts when they say “who will” then: “mow the lawn”, “take care of the kids”, “clean the pool”, etc.

Do it the way it was done when I was growing up:

Mow your own lawn, make your kids do it or pay the kid next door to do it.

If you’re the parent, YOU are supposed to raise the kids.

What pool?

If they bring up lettuce, I read here or elsewhere less than 2% of the illegals are actually working in agriculture. The rest are in construction, landscaping (and other well-paid jobs – and simultaneously collecting welfare), or drug dealing or other crime (and simultaneously collecting welfare).

Lettuce is not a strategically essential commodity. It’s not a life-or-death vegetable. Lettuce is NOT in the same category as bread, milk, and eggs (if those basics were disappearing, I still wouldn’t approve of illegal workers – in that case, I’d call for government subsidies or something). Those farmers/corporations growing lettuce need to

a) find Americans who will do the work (if needed, pay more)

b) invent a machine that will do the work

c) become more efficient (IOW, MODERNIZE!), or

d) grow something else!

Lettuce won’t disappear. Even if every lettuce grower disappeared*, lettuce wouldn’t. Sure, a grower may be paying Americans $25 an hour to pick it and it’s only affordable to rich-people restaurants but it’d still be out there – let it turn in to a Thanksgiving or Christmas-dinner item only, no big deal, that’s the way it works some times (think cranberries at Thanksgiving).

*I saw an episode of “How it’s Made” – an educational/entertainment show on the Discover channel a while back with *enormous* hydroponic greenhouses growing lettuce. I don’t recall any Mexicans, I recall lots of white folks, mostly women.

Sure, the initial investment would be high but (I know squat about farming) the yield looked to be *very* high, with the lettuce heads almost touching each other. Plus I assume pesticides would be a minor issue or a non-issue. Those lettuce “factories” are probably more expensive that $5-an-hour Mexicans, but they’d also likely be a lot cheaper than $25-an-hour Americans.

Another advantage would be you could build them in at least somewhat colder areas rather than high-cost-of-everything California.

Our kids earned their pocket money from an early age by hauling out the trash, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, and even picking the odd lettuce. They learned basic economics, the value of money, teamwork, responsibility, how to plan and execute routine tasks, self-sufficiency, and respect for manual labor.

Having poor illegals do these jobs not only exploits them but deprives our kids of the chance to learn the basic skills they’ll need as adults.


2 Responses to Illegal Immigration: Also Bad for Our Kids

  1. John Dennis says:

    (found the following web item)


    There’s a water shortage in the southwest, but Pres. Bush has been helping the situation with his surplus of wetbacks!

  2. Jay says:

    There’s another option for the lettuce growers: move their operations south of the border where their labor is. The only problem would be the money they had to bribe local officials, police, protection money, etc would probably end up making that “cheap labor” more expensive than regular American labor.

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