BAA Humbug

The good news is the British governement just fined the awful British Airports Authority for messing up the travel experiences of 10 million people in July.

The bad news is the fine works out at 0.0146 pennies per person.


Britain’s biggest airport operator has been punished for the summer of chaos at Heathrow and Gatwick airports with a £146,000 fine from the Civil Aviation Authority.

BAA has been ordered to hand the money back to airlines that use the two airports as recompense for delays inflicted on passengers in July…

BAA has failed to meet the CAA’s targets of getting 95 per cent of passengers through security desks at all of its seven airports within 10 minutes.

Typically passengers have had to queue for more than 20 minutes to be screened, according to the independently-run website UK Airport Delays.

On some days passengers were having to wait nearly 40 minutes – often after they had queued for a similar length of time at check-in desks, which are the responsibility of the airlines.

BAA says that in 2005/6 it carried about 100 million passengers through Heathrow and Gatwick.

Assuming July is above normal and accounts for 10 million passengers, the fine works out at 0.0146 pennies per passenger.

So the fine for 205 passengers gets to buy them a shared £3 cup of coffee to help forget their aggregate 35 hours delay.

We’re trying non-BAA Luton next trip.


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