Depraved Liberals (Again)

“Critics” (Dems) in Congress discount the Iraqi Sunni revolt against Al Qaeda’s campaign of forced marriage. You’d have thought Dems would people fighting this sexism.

An Australian Colonel describes one of the reasons Iraqi Sunnis have turned against Al Qaeda.

Iraq’s Sunni tribes began turning against al Qaeda when the largely foreign-run terrorist organization tried to arrange forced marriages with local women to secure their foothold in the country, according to a top counterterrorism adviser to the U.S. coalition in Iraq…

With an estimated 30,000 Sunni fighters in Iraq now battling their former al Qaeda allies, “the tribal revolt is arguably the most significant change in the Iraqi operating environment for several years,” he added in his entry titled “Anatomy of a Tribal Revolt.”

Here’s how it works:

…The tactic of forced political marriages was standard for al Qaeda, according to Col. Kilcullen, used successfully in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere to “embed” the international terrorist network in the local kinship and tribal network.

But in Iraq, he wrote, “the tactic seemed to have backfired,” in part because the radical Islamist movement failed to appreciate Iraq’s brand of Islam.

Forced marriages outside the tribe have never been culturally accepted in traditional Iraqi society, and tribal leaders resisted demands for such marriages. Al Qaeda operatives responded by demanding — often violently — such marriages, killing one sheik and brutally murdering the children of another.

“[Al Qaeda], with their hyper-reductionist version of ‘Islam’ stripped of cultural content, discounted the tribes’ view as ignorant, stupid and sinful,” the colonel writes.


…critics in Congress and in the antiwar movement warn that the Sunni shift may be temporary, and could create its own problems for the embattled government in Baghdad.

Al Qaeda , of course, makes the same argument.


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