The Dark Heart Of England (Part 4)

A brief diversion into morality and natural law. Future generations will view the uniquely English practice of forced adoption with the repugnance we now feel for slavery – both violate the same religious, ethical, and natural laws.


Christianity is the religion of slaves. It teaches us to protect the poor and weak, and the Virgin and Child are its second icon after the cross. So Christians abhor slavery and exalt motherhood.

Islam is quite the opposite – it’s a warrior religion, treats women as second rate breeding machines, and is built on slavery.

Yet our modern world with all of its miracles was built by Christian peoples, while the followers of Islam languished in poverty and ignorance. So obviously preventing slavery, helping the weak and respecting motherhood work, while the alternative does not.

Incidentally, even the Southern plantation owners allowed their slave women to keep their kids until 5 years old, proving themselves morally superior to the 21st Century English state.

Natural Law

Nature is, of course, red in tooth and claw. But mammals show mother love – here’s an example from the great Patrick O’Brian. He’s writing about an incident that befell a ship in Lord Nelson’s fleet on the island of Spitzbergen, after some sailors killed a walrus and used its blubber to cook it (p 176, Norton, my formating):

Then…three white bears were seen coming over the ice, a she-bear and her cubs. The blubber was still burning, but the she-bear plucked out some pieces that were not alight and that had some flesh upon them; they ate voraciously, and some of the seamen threw lumps from the carcass they still had toward her. She fetched them one by one, carried them back to the cubs and divided them.

As she was fetching away the last piece, the men shot the cubs dead and wounded her severely as she ran. She crawled as far as the cubs, still carrying the piece, tore it apart and laid some before each; and when they could not eat she laid her paws first upon one, then upon the other and tried to raise them up.

When she found she could not stir them, she went off; and when she had got at some distance she looked back and moaned; and since that did not induce them to come away, she returned, and smelling round them began to lick their wounds. She went off a second time as before, and having crawled a few paces, looked again behind her, and for some time stood there moaning.

But her cubs still not rising to follow her, she returned to them again, and with signs of inexpressible fondness went round one, and round the other, pawing them and moaning. Finding at least that they were cold and lifeless, she lifted her head towards the men and growled; and several firing together they killed her too.

Vulnerable women are treated by the English state the same as the she-bear. Taking a woman’s kids away is, to her, no different than killing them. And leaving her to grieve for the rest of her life is akin to killing her.


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