The Dark Heart Of England (Part 5)

This was supposed to be 3 parts, but the deeper we dig, the worse it gets – turns out social services employees taking the babies of English women interfere with defense witnesses.

That’s against the law in a murder case, so the entire Family Court system must indeed be infested with despots and psychopaths.

The story concerns the previously mentioned 22-year-old neuroscientist turned charity worker:

Dr Rex Haigh, who had written a character reference for Fran Lyon, a 22-year-old charity worker, said that a social worker was “clearly trying to undermine” his support for Miss Lyon, who is five months pregnant.

A social worker contacted Dr Haigh last week, two days after The Sunday Telegraph highlighted Miss Lyon’s case.

Social services have recommended that Miss Lyon’s baby should be taken into care for fear her mother will “emotionally abuse” her – despite the support of Dr Haigh and another consultant psychiatrist, Dr Stella Newrith, who said there was “no evidence” she would harm her child…

Dr Haigh says that he received a message on Tuesday asking him to contact Pamela Burke, a social worker, about Miss Lyon. He rang back and spoke to Paula Wright, another social worker, who said she was also working on the case. The psychiatrist, who was “a little worried” by the approach, made notes of the conversation.

Dr Haigh, who has known Miss Lyon for several years through her work, says Miss Wright accused Miss Lyon of giving hospital staff incorrect details about her health.

“Rather than to support Fran, as I had made clear that I wanted to do in my character reference, the conversation was asking me whether I knew these things about Fran – clearly trying to undermine my support for her by making me disbelieve her,” he says in the email. “I was asked, I think on three occasions: ‘what do you think about that?’, and another statement I wrote down that was said to me was, ‘You know her at the moment but the information she’s giving might not be the truth’.”

Social workers from Northumberland county council also tried to contact Dr Newrith last week.

We’ve shown how English courts treat accused murderers with kid gloves and brutalize pregnant women, and here’s how the law treats you if you interfere with a witness in a murder case (my emphasis):

A Crown Court may deal with a contempt “in the face of court” when the contempt is committed…

  • beyond the courtroom and the court’s precincts, when it is reported to the judge and it relates to proceedings whether in progress or pending (for example, improper approaches to witnesses or jurors)…
  • Sometimes the contempt may be sufficiently serious to justify proceedings for a criminal offence (for example perverting the course of justice or witness interference); however the court may prefer to deal with the conduct as part of its inherent jurisdiction to administer justice in a speedy and orderly manner.


Not so here:

Northumberland county council said it was unaware of Dr Haigh’s allegations but would launch an investigation if it received a complaint.

So the Northumberland county council managers are confident they’re safe from the law.

That confirms the system is indeed infested with despots and psychopaths.


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