End Of The EU Party

The Brown government is set on pushing the repackaged EU Constitution through Parliament. So now it’s time to leave.

The Constitution:

…furnishes the EU with the apparatus of a thrusting state – president, foreign minister, justice department, supreme court, energy tsar, and treaty-making powers.

The Brits bought in to the original EEC as a free trade area, but now that’s gone, courtesy the statist French, who have (my ellipsis):

…excise(d) the clause “free and undistorted competition” from the core objectives of the Union.

The EU, like a SciFi monster, has kept growing and growing, sucking the life out of all it envelopes. It’s not fueled by an evil scientist, but the law of bureaucracy – without check, it spawns without end.

Now about 80% of Brit laws are set by people they didn’t elect – in polite society that’s called “democratic deficit”, but everybody else calls it a dictatorship.

That might be justifiable if, as supporters claim, the EU makes another European War impossible. But that’s false – here’s Caroline Glick on the French appeasement of Iran:

Sarkozy’s moral blindness is rooted in post-World War II Europe’s instrumental treatment of the legacy of that war.

For the Europeans – and first and foremost for the Germans, and for the Dutch, French and Belgians who collaborated with the Germans during the war – the main lesson of the war was that militarism and nationalism are bad. This view informed post-war Europe’s ideological embrace of pacifism and transnationalism.

But in truth, militarism and nationalism did not cause WWII.

The true cause of that war was Germany’s decision to embrace evil and depravity as its guiding philosophy and the willingness of the nations of Europe that collaborated with German authorities to also embrace this evil.

That is, the real legacy of the war is a moral one and the real lesson to be learned from it is not that nations must allow themselves to be gobbled up into transnational entities or that they must eschew war at all costs. Rather, the true lesson is that nations should embrace morality that sanctifies life and freedom and that holds men and women accountable for their choices.

Appeasement is the EU’s core value, and that vice always leads to the subjugation of the appeaser. So some time soon Iran, or Russia, or China will pick the European cherry. And eat it.

So, for the Brits, leaving the EU is about survival.


5 Responses to End Of The EU Party

  1. Jay says:

    “the EU makes another European war impossible”

    It was a ways back and to be honest I wasn’t interested so I’m short on the details but weren’t Greece and Turkey involved in a little to-do over Cyprus? If Nato, an officially military organization (and secondarily a political one) couldn’t prevent a war between two members, how could the EU, a strictly political organization prevent one? (I know, they want an army – ha-ha)

    I’d rather have at worst case two bad guy generals talking face-to-face than two bad guy politicians.

  2. gandalf says:


    Yup, Turkey v Greece, 1974. The Greek government overthrew the Cypriot government & the Turks invaded Cyprus to protect their nationals (about 20% of Cypriots).

    The Turks aren’t in the EU, so Brussels froze Turkish Cypriots out of the EU while letting the Greek Cypriots in.

    On the other hand both Greece and Turkey are NATO members, but NATO was and is just a way of getting the US to defend Europe, so nothing happened.

    The EU’s policy towards Turkey makes a European war very likely, since the Turks just have to provide basing and passage rights to their (fellow Muslim) Iranians, and great slabs of southern Europe will topple like the proverbial dominoes.

    The reverse happened in 1941 when the Germans took out Greece & surrounding nations.

  3. Jay says:

    I was in Nato (AFSOUTH) in the latish ’80’s and an Air Force Scotsman (“Scot, Scots, or Scotsman – not scotch, that’s a drink” – hmmm, Scottish?) clued me in on the place. Two basic things I remember:

    “You’re here to protect Europe and to keep them from starting trouble again. The only way Nato would ever lift a finger to help the US is if one, it was convenient, and two, if it was profitable”.

    “Turkey is here to spy one Greece, Greece is here to spy on Turkey, Italy is here [we were in Italy, he meant Nato] to steal whatever they can*, you’re here to finance the whole thing and I’ve yet to figure out why the hell we’re here”.

    *Yeah, Naples was bad thief-wise. That Scotsman had been cleaned out twice while he was there and I think they only had a one year tour. He told me he thought the most expensive part of assigning personnel to Naples was the Brit govt paying claims for stolen property (probably true). Part of our in-processing included a Navy officer saying “when you’re home is burglarized, this is the claim form you’ll need to fill out”. He then went on to show every detail of the form and what to put where. No “if” to it, it was a matter of “when” you’re robbed. He also stressed heavily that anything in the heirloom category we may have be taken to the Navy post office immediately and mailed home or it would be stolen from us – I wonder how many times he’d been robbed?. Fortunately I lived in the barracks (nice view of Capri on non-polluted days) but they still stole a nice 35mm Yashica from me when they packed my stuff to ship out.

  4. gandalf says:


    I think it’s Scots.

    We visited Naples in the late 80s too: the trick was to stay in Sorrento & get a cab in to the famous museum.

    We were instructed to RUN from cab door across sidewalk to to museum entrance – an array of bag snatchers on motorbikes were revving up waiting to get each runner.

    I recall NATO’s function being defined as “To keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”.

    Failed on all three.

  5. Jay says:

    The women in Afsouth were told not to wear ear rings because of the motorcycle guys. Clip on, no problem but they’d do some serious damage if your ears were pierced.

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