The Dark Heart Heart Of England (Part 6)

Among the nations of the world, only the normally civilized English practice forced adoption. That’s probably the result of 60 years of socialism combined with the English reluctance to complain. Such submission doesn’t auger well for English culture’s ability to survive Islam.

As with slavery in the 18th and 19th Centuries, many Brits are fighting forced adoption. The London Times and Daily Mail have highlighted it, and the Telegraph is running a campaign against it. The Sky News and Channel 4 TV stations have covered it, and even the BBC has reported it. About 200 (of 600+) Members of Parliament have questioned it.

Then there are citizens groups – Fassit (supported by MP John Hemming), Ian Josephs, and Fathers4Justice.

The citizens’ groups mostly focus on helping women keep their kids (top tip: NEVER EVER contact Brit social services), the media on highlighting specific horrors, and the MPs on law reform.

But infestations of psychopaths are very difficult to remove, and the reforms proposed address symptoms rather than causes. To fix this problem the English would need to:

Abolish family courts and replace them with Criminal Courts – so accused women would have to be convicted of a crime to lose their kids, and enjoy the same protections as accused murderers.

Allow adopted kids to sue social security and adoption agencies for damage they suffer.

Restrict adoptions to the extended family of the woman unless all candidates are themselves found guilty of a current offenses preventing this.

Make adoptions reversible if the mother is cleared on appeal.

Such radical changes need reformers to play attack nor defense, and the only group doing so is Fathers4Justice – for example with a Judgebusters list of the worst perps.

But none of this is likely to make any difference – Blair’s government recently refused to make the tiny change of allowing the media to report on these cases.

And the Brit state protects its own. A doctor who 20 years ago alleged mass anal abuse of kids and “proved” this by subjecting them to that practice nightly is still employed by the Brit NHS (Gillingham, Kent – give it a miss). And the fraudster Meadow who sent many innocents to jail retired with honor.

These monsters can flourish in England because of the uniquely English aversion to “making a fuss”- described here.

English treated badly in a restaurant will complain to each other, not to the waiter or manager. That makes for a quiet life but lousy food.

The added factor is the deep institutionalization of the English, who survived WW2 by militarizing their society. Until the early 1950s, most purchases were rationed – well after rationing ceased in Germany.

Then they elected several socialist governments and these embedded collectivist institutions in the heart of the nation – notably the NHS – so deeply that even Mrs T could not touch them.

This state “safety net” encourages dependence and discourages initiative, in particular in the weak.

These two factors interact poisonously to enable the abuse we’ve described here, and plenty of others that would not survive outside England.

These include the collection of the world’s largest DNA database, the conviction of almost a third of Brit drivers each year for speeding offenses using speed cameras, the omnipresent CCTV cameras, and the hordes of illegals flowing into the island.

And these systemic weaknesses explain why militant Islam flourishes in England.

On our return, we’ll suggest how the English might survive.


3 Responses to The Dark Heart Heart Of England (Part 6)

  1. Catherine Sara says:

    All of the above is true of course.

    I came her a few years ago and was horrified to see the schools which I thought were prisons as that is how they felt to me.

    Then I saw the way children are taught and institutionalised and not allowed to think for themselves.

    I do not send my children to these schools.

    Nor do I go near NHS or doctors or SS child snatchers who steal children for various reasons.

    It has come to light the type of children they are stealing.

    I see the doctors abusing children in Leeds using RAD again.

    All i hear is people of Leeds are too scared to say anything in case their children are targeted.

    Remember the blue eyed blondes and super race etc…well this is social engineering again.

    All so easy of course as the SS tell childless couples how great they are to adopt thus feeding their egos and SS and system get the money for this from OUR TAXES.

    Talk about madness.

    We are paying the elite to do all those things to us and our children.

    Are the British people in a coma I ASK MYSELF.???


    Will they wake up in time????


    Totally up to each individual.

  2. Lilith says:

    British people tend not to feel.

    Remember their conditioning- stiff upper lip no matter what.

    show no emotions at all.

    Keep it all inside.

    Turn the other cheek.

    Forgive and forget.

    etc, etc.

    They are conditioned into it like soldiers in war- no emotion- JUST KILL.

    This then is passed down in families.

    British are perfect for this experiment in total control.

    They are expected to obey orders like soldiers and no questions asked.

    That is where they lost the knack of thinking for themselves and asking if it is right or wrong.

    Now, the end of time and they have to choose.

    Each individual must choose.

    Those who choose evil die and leave Earth.

    Those who choose peace, love etc live on.

    Do we dare to tell them all the real truth today or tomorrow. ???????

    Or wait for them to find out the hard way.

    My money is on the hard way because they feel they are a superior race.

    But, most do not know that their ancestors were Changos who came from the continent and brought the concept of rape and plunder to Britain.

    Violence creates money.

    Peace and harmony do not.

    Guess which one the elite choose.

  3. gandalf says:

    Catherine Sara

    Yes, the British people are in a coma.

    Mrs G thinks it’s caused by mass emigration – too many of the assertive types have headed out. I’m researching, and will return to this topic.

    Do you have a link to the Leeds/RAD abuse?

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