Spanish Practices

Looks like the Spanish government expects a terror attack. From the UK and Ireland.

It started in July:

Holidaymakers travelling to Spain this summer have been warned to brace themselves for delays at airports as a result of the introduction of new security measures.

From June 13, Spanish authorities will be asking travellers to provide detailed information about themselves before they fly to the country…

Airlines have been told that the information needs to be supplied to Spanish customs authorities before anyone boards an aircraft…

That got delayed, and now appears to be restricted to travelers from the UK and Ireland (my ellipsis):

The Spanish Government has introduced new measures requiring airlines to provide, (before flight departure) the Passport or National ID data of all passengers on board flights departing from the UK and Republic of Ireland…

(The requirement is restricted to) passengers traveling to Spain…from the UK or Republic of Ireland from the 19th September 2007 onwards.

Hopefully the Spanish will extend their scheme to flights from Morocco, Algeria, and Syria.


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