Make A Desert And Call It Peace

Rice wants Israel to cede the one thing it lacks – territory – to a bunch of totalitarian killer states, in return for peace. Every neighbor of Israel, with the exception of Egypt, has reneged on every previous deal of this type. We must hope her process fails. Because if she succeeds, she’ll trigger the greatest mass slaughter the world has known.

Readers will know this, but it sometimes helps to state the obvious.


There are many obstacles to overcome through hard work ahead of the Washington conference in November, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Israeli President Shimon Peres in a private meeting in Jerusalem Thursday…

In her meeting with Peres, Rice said it was time to advance the peace process. The secretary of state added that despite the many hurdles to overcome, there was an atmosphere of peace and sincere will to reach an agreement between both parties.

Israel has these neighbors: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Hamastan (Gaza), Fatahstan (West Bank).

Egypt is not actively attacking Israel (it has too much US aid to lose).

Syria is deploying nerve gas equipped Scuds, may be building nukes, and has resumed killing Lebanese politicians that oppose it.

The Lebanese territory ceded by Israel is run by another terror group that (protected by the UN) has rearmed to at least its pre-2006 war level.

Hamastan was ceded by Israel 2 years ago, is now entirely controlled by a terrorist group committed to Israel’s destruction which is busily rocketing Israel.

Fatahstan is run by the group responsible for this (my ellipsis):

Between 2000 and 2006, the unit has succeeded in nearly seven bombings (in Israel) that have killed 37 and injured 250 people.

Here’s a map of the Middle East, courtesy the Ariel Center that shows the territory Israel has available to cede to these homicidal neighbors:

Ariel Center Map

Rice and her fellow appeasers in Europe should know that the Manhattan Project was led by Jews, that materials sciences and nuclear physics have moved on immensely since current nuke designs were frozen in the 60s, and that in consequence mortally-threatened Israel is quite capable of producing weapons that put H-bombs in the shade.

In that case the red and orange parts of the map could end up deserts.

That’s a sort of peace.


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