Brits Need US Trial Lawyers

Brits need help to escape their dictatorial governments in Brussels and London, and the US can provide that by setting its trial lawyers loose on Europe.

Americans are protected by the separation of powers (State, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary) – multiple hands fighting for the levers of power leave a wide zone of freedom for the citizen. But London and Brussels are modified monarchies where a few men call all the shots and will hang onto their monopoly until removed by insurrection.

That may be decades off, so here’s how the US can help in the meantime.

US trial lawyers, in spite of their many failings, empower the poor and oppressed by providing their massive expertize for free in exchange for a percentage of the take.

Consider how this might work in a current Brit tragedy:

The Government will be blamed for failures at its research laboratories that caused this summer’s foot and mouth outbreak.

An inquiry is expected to criticise heavily the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) for allowing the disease to escape from the laboratory at Pirbright, in Surrey.

It will also single out the Government’s agency for scientific research for the terrible state of disrepair at the laboratory linked to the outbreak, which led to the infection and slaughter of hundreds of cattle in the area.

It’s costing these wretched farmers billions they cannot recoup:

Thanks entirely to the negligence of our Government and the response of our friends in the EU, Britain’s sheep farmers are facing the worst crisis in their history.

The timing of the escape of foot and mouth virus from Pirbright, leading to the EU’s export ban, means that the five million lambs we would normally export between now and Christmas are either unsaleable, or can only be sold on the domestic market at giveaway prices. Many will simply have to be destroyed, without a penny in compensation for a disaster entirely of the Government’s making.

These farmers have a rock-solid case for billions of pounds in punitive and compensatory damages – from the Brit government for criminal negligence and its masters in Brussels for their excessive and spiteful sanctions.

US trial lawyers are a creative bunch – they’re currently suing the management of British Aerospace (BAe) for bribing the Saudis. That’s in spite of the fact that all the events took place outside the US – they’re leveraging BAe’s US listing.

This ingenuity is necessitated by a huge reduction in the number of securities lawsuits following the conviction for fraud of the leading lawyers in that area. But BAe on its own won’t feed the families of tens of thousands of trial lawyers.

However Brussels and London have very deep pockets, and the first US law firm to file a class action against London and Brussels on behalf of these poor Brit farmers will make hundreds of millions in contingency fees.

That would be a thoroughly good thing – good for Brit farmers and good for Brit and European freedoms.

And of course good for trial lawyers – so go to it guys!


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