Reaping Whirlwinds

By protecting the Mullahs’ nuclear weapons program, the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency has ensured the Israelis will whack it without asking for permission, maybe in November/December next year.


Syria has begun dismantling the remains of a site Israel bombed on September 6, the Washington Post reported Friday…According to the report, the Syrians may be attempting to prevent the location from coming under international scrutiny…

While US officials express increasing confidence that the Syrian facility was nuclear-related, divisions persist within the government and among weapons experts over the significance of the threat.

According to the Washington Post, while expressing concern over the prospect that Syria may have decided to launch a nuclear program in secret, some weapons experts question why neither Israel nor the United States made any effort before the secret attack – or in the six weeks since – to offer evidence to the International Atomic Energy Agency, a move that would trigger an inspection of Syria by the nuclear watchdog.

The IAEA has been “inspecting evidence” of the Mullahs’ nuke program since a dissident blew their cover 5 years ago, and in that time has done absolutely nothing nothing to impede it. That’s not entirely the IAEA’s fault since handing the issue to the UN automatically makes Russia, China, Germany, and France part of the enforcement process, and those nations traditionally arm homicidal dictatorships.

Anyway, Israel has got the message:

According to the Washington Post, some experts speculate that Israeli and US officials may have calculated that reporting their intelligence to the IAEA would have produced only limited repercussions, the equivalent of a diplomatic slap on the wrist to Syria, which might have decided to build the facility anyway.

The Mullahs will now be scrambling to put any sort of weapon together, and the Israelis will be calculating when they can destroy the program for the least political and human cost. My guess is between the next election and the inauguration of the new president.


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