Races and Religions Do Differ Genetically

James Watson’s critics may be right that there’s no evidence Africans are, on average, less smart than Caucasians. But there is good evidence of IQ differences between different groups of humans – here’s an analysis.


Science is now a heavily censored – from global warmenists to anti-drinkers, scientists routinely publish false and misleading findings – and behavioral sciences are no exception.

But that doesn’t change the facts and I’ve picked up four clear differences.

These differences are statistical – populations show a bell curve about a mean, so a population with a low mean will still contain some individuals with the same characteristics as populations with higher means, since the bell curves overlap.

1. Incompetence of Muslim Terrorists

This incompetence is illustrated by considering how, if the roles were reversed, we might attack Muslim societies which granted us hospitality. Obvious targets would be pinch points in transportation, infrastructure, and production.

That would include disabling air traffic control, gasoline manufacture and distribution, electricity and water production & distribution, TV and radio stations, cellphone networks, and oil production and distribution.

I’m not proposing to do it (yet), but 100 good men and women with modern equipment could.

Instead we get homemade explosives and self-immolating ram-raiders.

On the face of it this can’t be genetic, since Muslims come from different races, but we’ve theorized it’s the result of the Muslim practice of cousin marriage (see here and here), which has the same inbreeding effect that produced hemophilia in Europe’s monarchs.

The resulting limitation of genetic diversity is compounded by the Muslim behavioral doctrine of submission, which is fine for a warrior race, but doesn’t produce iconoclasts of the likes of Galileo, Newton. And Einstein.

2. The US Black-White IQ Divide

This is proven conclusively by Herrnstein and Murray, who also found American Asians smarter than whites.

3. Male-Female Differences

Many studies have confirmed the obvious – men and women, while sharing many competencies, show strong differences in other areas of intellectual attainment.

4. Japanese Violence

Two-thirds of Japanese (as opposed to one third of Americans) carry the short-form MAOA gene, which predisposes carriers to violence. This may explain the Japanese depravities in China and WW2.


Darwinian evolution doesn’t explain the appearance of life – the probabilities are way too low for this to have occurred randomly. But it does nicely explain how species adapt to environmental changes by making use of the natural variation within a population. A good example is the peppered moth:

Originally, the vast majority of peppered moths had light coloration, which effectively camouflaged them against the light-colored trees and lichens which they rested upon.

However, due to widespread pollution during the Industrial Revolution in England, many of the lichens died out, and the trees which peppered moths rested on became blackened by soot, causing most of the light-colored moths… to die off due to predation. At the same time, the dark-colored…moths…flourished because of their ability to hide on the darkened trees.

Since then, with improved environmental standards, light-colored peppered moths have again become common…

This isn’t evolution of a new species, since the peppered moth kept the same DNA. Instead it’s the selection from within the coded-in variability of the population. So environmental variation no doubt explains the obvious physical differences between our many different races.

But why stop at physical differences? After all, the mental equipment needed to survive in a desert is quite different to that required for a tundra and that’s different again from that needed in a forest.

The argument against deep mental differences is that since our races have been killing and ravishing each other for millennia, so we’d expect strong variations to be washed out.

But there are four cases where that won’t happen, and these explain our data.

1. Islands

Island people will, like the peppered moth, adapt to their environment. But since they’re isolated, they’ll stay that way.

That would explain the Japanese genetic oddity. It would also explain why the British in their quiet island built the modern world. And it might also explain the ancient Greeks on their islands and archipelagos creating all the foundations of human thought.

Outside these islands, human existence has mostly been one long war, rape, and pillage.

2. Selective Breeding

Religiously imposed marriage practices can diminish genetic diversity, creating a limited set of competencies.

3. Persecution

It’s probably be no accident modern Physics was disproportionally built by Jews.

They were selected by 2,000 years of persecution while their religion held them together as a breeding group (actually 2, which merged about 100 years ago). Persecution means only the smartest survive, and if the group holds together, they then breed with other smart survivors. This theory was developed by Darlington in the 1960s.

Arnold Toynbee refines this concept of the superiority of stressed populations by noting that the level of stress has to be just right – too much and the populations dies out, and too little and no adaptation occurs.

This effect explains why any war between 6 million Jews and 1.4 million Muslims will likely be won by the former.

4. Selection and Persecution

This may explain the US black-white IQ difference. For 300 years Africans were captured by slave traders and sold to US slavers. That will have been a strongly selective process: the smartest Africans will have escaped capture, only the strongest will have survived the voyage, and only the most tolerant have will have had the mental fortitude to survive the horrors of slavery. And their breeding was, to some extent, controlled by the slave owners.

So we’d expect to see surviving African Americans differ not only from American whites, but also from African blacks.

(Note there may be an additional force here: American whites are descended from adventurous folks who chose to emigrate to a strange land, often learning a new language and culture. These may be smarter than the populations they came from and so the descendants of selected-down African slaves are being compared with the descendants of selected-up white immigrants.)

I’ve seen no studies of the IQs of Africans. If such exist and show differences from whites they may have been suppressed as rapidly as poor Watson.


It’s likely IQ varies between races as consequence of negatively selective breeding (Muslims), environmental adaptation sustained by the island effect (Japan, UK, Greece), prolonged persecution of groups that continue to interbreed (Jews), and captured and brutalized groups (African American slaves).

Africa is a mess, but that’s the fault of EU trade policies that prevent them selling us their products, and US and EU policies that kill African kids by banning DDT.


4 Responses to Races and Religions Do Differ Genetically

  1. Manas says:

    “but doesn’t produce iconoclasts of the likes of Galileo, Newton. And Einstein.”


    Do you really think every Muslim marries his/her cousin? In that case your ancestors all must be cousins. And have you heard of ibn al-Haitham, ibn Rushd, al Kharizwami, ibn Sina etc. etc.?

    Moreover, I forgot the medieval history a bit. Can you tell me which part of the world was in complete chaos with knights fighting and pillaging? And which part sent crusaders to kill? And who fought the Word Wars? Who discovered nuclear bombs and still hold the record of using it?

  2. gandalf says:


    Sure early Islam produced many good thinkers (although they borrowed freely form the Greeks).

    But I’m talking here about the result of 1200 years of cousin marriage, during which the Europeans emerged from the mess you describe & built all the stuff we’re having this conversation with!

  3. Manas says:

    “good”? You should read more about them.

    They did borrow freely from the Greeks, which shows they were open minded. They cut many things out from the Greek science, which shows they were improving on the Greeks. Example- they moved from Astrology to Astronomy.

    They did not borrow from Greeks only. They borrowed a lot from the Persians, and the Indians, and the Chinese.

    Moreover, the Europeans borrowed freely from Muslims during their renaissance.

    The stuff we are conversing with would not be possible if al-Kharizwami did not develop algorithm. So it was a “teamwork”, and it better be now.

  4. Tony R. says:

    “This effect explains why any war between 6 million Jews and 1.4 million Muslims will likely be won by the former.”

    Didn’t you mean 1.4 BILLION Muslims?

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