Brown’s Bundle For Britain

The Brit Prime Minister just ceded to foreigners his authority to govern the British people and broke his promise to seek their approval.

But it’s a gift to the British people, who now have no choice but to replace their system of government with one that reclaims their freedoms.

Brown’s coup could never happen in the US. Its concise written Constitution is widely understood, and the separation of powers makes it impossible for a President to give away US sovereignty – he’d be up against the House, Senate, the Supreme Court, and the individual states. And of course We The People have (in Red states) the right to bear arms.

But Brown inherited the powers of the Sovereign and governs the UK as a despot, combining the powers of the executive and legislature. He uses patronage to bribe MPs to push what he wants through the House of Commons. Brits have no written Constitution to protect them – no Senate, no Supreme Court, no worthwhile regional governments And the population is disarmed.

Now Brits are ruled from Brussels the rules of the Fear State apply:

…the people of Fear States are mostly Doublethinkers, who try to live their lives without talking or acting against the regime. Next come Supporters, part of the ruling elite (and) finally, there are Resisters, whose numbers depend on how far the Fear State has declined.

The EU somewhat resembles the late-model USSR, so we will use that to estimate how long Brown’s world will last.

Compared to the 1980s-era USSR, the EU is weak. It lacks effective internal and external defenses and faces many threats, most notably from a resurgent Russia. The EU’s commitment to Kyoto+ makes it dependent on Russian gas.

By 1980, the USSR and its Warsaw Pact satellites were full of Resisters – dissidents – who (through Western TV and underground newspapers) could see and tell how much better the free world lived.

Modern Brits have much better communications than the 1980s dissidents – the Internet, and broadband access to families and friends in the free Anglosphere. Plus the EU is more incompetent than the old USSR (more of that in a later post), and the balance of technical power between citizen and government has swung in favor of the citizen.

All of these factors mean Brit dissidents are better placed to remove their oppressor than their predecessors in, say, 1980’s Poland.

The timing of that removal will be determined by economic events, since a fall in living standards tips millions of Doublethinkers into the Resister camp. There are plenty of candidate triggers for such a fall – Middle East nuclear war, $200/barrel oil, a US return to isolationism, a 90% collapse of the £ or $, a China-Taiwan war, a Russian re-annexation of its former empire.

In the light of all these factors, I’d give the EU dictatorship of the British 5 to 10 years to run.

That’s not long, and Brit resisters should now start planning a new British model of government. The US offers a good starting point because it has stress tested its constitution and we can avoid repeating its defects.

Here at DU, after a few posts to document the current tyranny, we’ll stop covering the EU politics and switch to the British future.


2 Responses to Brown’s Bundle For Britain

  1. Jeff Crump says:

    The movie “V for Vendetta” comes to mind as a model for the future of England.

  2. gandalf says:


    Indeed, although the real bad guys are socialists rather than Tories.

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