Carnival Of The Oxymorons

The term “International Community” is an oxymoron, and is used to mean the United Nations – of course that’s an oxymoron too.

The two oxymorons are upset about the Israelis snooping on Hezbollah:

Lebanese troops opened fire Thursday on IAF warplanes flying low over southern Lebanon, but no hits were reported, Lebanese officials said…

It was the first time Lebanese troops had opened fire on Israeli aircraft since the August 14, 2006 cease-fire that ended the Second Lebanon War…

Since the cease-fire, the IAF has conducted regular low-altitude flyovers over southern Lebanon, a tactic that has sparked protests from Arab nations and the international community.

The UN has condemned Israel’s flyovers. In November 2006, the UNIFIL peacekeeping force’s chief liaison officer, Col. Alexan Lalan, told The Jerusalem Post that the daily IAF flyovers were strengthening Hizbullah and creating new militants for the Shi’ite group.

“The flyovers harm the credibility of UNIFIL, the credibility of the LAF and the credibility of the state of Lebanon,” Lalan said in a phone interview from his office in the southern Lebanese town of Naqoura.

Colonel Lalan is no doubt French, since that the nation leads the UNIFIL team vigilantly scanning the skies to make sure Hezbollah isn’t strengthened. But they know it is:

4/18/2007. Washington agreed with a recent report by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asserting “serious breaches” of the arms embargo imposed under a UN Security Council resolution which ended last year’s war between Israel and Hezbollah.

“It is clear in (Ban’s) judgment, and it is clear in our own independent (judgment) that Hezbollah continues to rearm and we can see no other source for such assistance than Syria or Iran,” said Welch, the top State Department official for the Middle East.

Which reminds us of another oxymoron: “Truthful Frenchman”.


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