Time To Break The Brit Cop Monopoly

London’s cops don’t investigate 53% of the crimes reported to them, breaking the deal that grants them a monopoly of force in return for protection. Brits should find alternative suppliers.

Police are refusing to investigate more than two million reported crimes every year, including huge numbers of burglaries and thefts, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.

Almost four out of 10 offences are “screened out” as unsolvable within hours of being reported to police, and the cases are closed.

No officer visits the scene of the crime and no attempt is made to catch the culprit. As many as two-thirds of burglaries are not investigated in some areas, according to police figures.

Even robberies and violent crimes can be screened out, while other cases involve fraud, theft and vandalism.

…the highest rate of screening out was by the Metropolitan Police, with 53 per cent of reported offences dealt with in this way. Out of 97,000 burglaries in the capital, 64,000 were not investigated.

Brit policing needs competition.

We’ve lived in several places where a modest sum to the local crooks guarantees protection, and would recommend that to entrepreneurial Londoners (although the domain http://www.protectionracket.co.uk is already taken).

Alternatively Brits could subcontract their policing to the Italian Carabinieri – unlike Brit cops, they’re well respected by the people, they’re very smartly uniformed, they actually patrol the streets, and they carry sub-machine guns.


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