Betrayal Harms the Betrayer

Israel won’t survive if it grants the concessions the administration has placed on the agenda of its upcoming “peace conference”. Obviously that’s bad for the Jewish people. Less obviously, history shows betrayal is also very bad for the betrayer – in this case the US.

Israel is a tiny nation surrounded by over 20 Fear States committed to its destruction.

For example the odious Syrian regime:

Secretary of State Rice is hinting that Syria will be invited to the upcoming Middle East peace conference at Annapolis, Md., in what would be a reversal of an American policy of isolating the Baathist government in Damascus.

Ms. Rice said it would be likely that, to follow up on a 2002 Saudi peace proposal, members of the Arab League committee would be invited to Annapolis. “Syria is a member of that committee,” she said. The Saudi offer is to exchange peace for Israel’s withdrawal from all the territory it won in the 1967 Six-Day War.

She means the Golan Heights. The Syrian regime she pampers has been killing US troops, and is under indictment for murdering Lebanese politicians. Saudi Arabia is the medieval nation that staffed 9/11.

Then there’s Rice’s plucky Palestinians:

Top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on Monday rejected Israel’s demand that the Palestinians acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state.

“There is no country in the world where religious and national identities are intertwined,” Erekat told Radio Palestine.

Additionally, Erekat said, when agreements are signed, the Palestinians would demand that Israel make a commitment in writing to releasing all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Every Islamic state recognizes only Islam, and in many of them non-Muslims, unlike Israeli Arabs, cannot vote.

These and other demands constitute a US demand that Israel gives up its pathetically small defensive buffers on the Golan and West Bank in return for promises of peace from serial liars and murderers.

They ask Israel to rely entirely on the US to defend it when, as they always have, said liars and murderers break their words.

But a country just 12 miles wide can be snuffed out in minutes, leaving the US, perhaps, to help any survivors.

Obviously the administration believes US interests justify risking the existence of its single MidEast ally. Perhaps it has cut a deal with the Saudis to isolate Iran, and stiffing Israel is the price it has to pay.

But it is still a betrayal, and will harm the US just as much as these post-WW2 betrayals harmed our nations.

The Refugee Betrayal

When the war ended in May 1945, British and U.S. civilian authorities ordered their military forces in Europe to deport to the Soviet Union millions of former residents of the USSR, including numerous persons who had left Russia and established different citizenship many years before…

The Soviet POWs and the Vlasov men were put under the jurisdiction of SMERSH (Death to Spies) (and) on their return to the USSR were treated as traitors…Over 1.5 million surviving Red Army soldiers imprisoned by the Germans were sent to the Gulag.

We also sent many women and kids to certain death. The effect of this was to de-legitimize the West as a force for freedom, to enable the USSR to enslave Eastern Europe for almost 50 years, and to force us to spend enormous sums on countering the monster we had fed.

The Suez Betrayal

In 1956, the Brits and French invaded the Suez canal zone to prevent its nationalization by the Soviet-backed Egyptian dictator:

The operation to take the canal was highly successful from a military point of view, but…the Eisenhower administration forced a cease-fire on Britain and France which it had previously told the Allies it would not do. The U.S. demanded that the invasion stop and sponsored resolutions in the UN Security Council for a cease-fire to stop the invasion.

…The General Assembly held an emergency session and passed the (US) resolution. Britain and France withdrew from Egypt within a week.

Without this betrayal, the MidEast might have become democratic and modern, rather than a toxic dump run by dictators equipped with mountains of Soviet weapons.

Suez caused all subsequent European distrust of the US – it’s why many Brits didn’t support Iraqi Freedom, and why the continental Europeans oppose the US whenever they can get away with it.

That distrust of course damaged the Europeans, but also greatly harmed the US by removing many potentially dependable allies.

The Rhodesian Betrayal

The Brits converted the breadbasket of Africa into the impoverished hellhole of Zimbabwe:

The British government adopted a policy of No Independence Before Majority African Rule…dictating that colonies with a substantial population of white settlers would not receive independence except under conditions of universal suffrage and majority rule…

The United Nations Security Council authorised the first use of sanctions, targeting Rhodesia at the behest of Britain, beginning in 1965 and lasting until the restoration of British rule in December 1979. The terms of these sanctions forbade most forms of trade or financial exchange with Rhodesia.

The Rhodesians fought a desperately brave and ingenious battle against terrorists supported by the Brits and Soviets, but after 14 years they went down. Now we have this:

In 2005, the government…started making overtures that White farmers could come back. There were 400 to 500 still left in the country, but much of the land that had been confiscated was no longer productive.

According to the United Nations World Health Organization, the life expectancy for men is 37 years and the life expectancy for women is 34 years of age, the lowest in the world in 2006.An estimated 3,4 million Zimbabweans, a quarter of the population, had fled abroad by mid 2007.

This betrayal confirmed the UK as a dishonest, second rate power.

The Vietnam Betrayal

The US abandonment of the Diem regime and its resulting collapse against a Chinese/North Vietnamese invasion harmed not just the millions now killed or enslaved, but US self-confidence and Asian support for the US.

The Iraqi Shiite Betrayal

(After the Gulf War) social and ethnic unrest among Shi’ite Muslims, Kurds, and dissident military units threatened the stability of Saddam’s government. Uprisings erupted in the Kurdish north and Shi’a southern and central parts of the Iraq, but were repressed.

The United States, which had urged Iraqis to rise up against Saddam, did little to assist the rebellions. U.S. ally Turkey opposed any prospect of Kurdish independence, and the Saudis and other conservative Arab states feared an Iran-style Shi’ite revolution.

That betrayal was in part responsible for the resistance to our liberation of that country, and has cost us an enormous amount of blood and treasure.


These examples show that betrayers always suffer terrible unintended consequences, plus loss of trust and respect.

So the administration must scrap its Annapolis charade.


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