Good News And Bad News For Brit Liberty

A Brit TV documentary recorded Muslim preachers in Birmingham inciting their flocks to murder and child abuse.

The local cops ignored the incitement and asked the Brit FCC (Ofcom) to penalize the TV program makers for “undermining community relations”.

The good news is Ofcom has told the Birmingham cops to take a hike.

Ofcom dismissed a complaint from West Midlands Police against a Channel 4 documentary, Undercover Mosque…

Ofcom also rejected 364 complaints from viewers that it said appeared to be part of a campaign.

A separate complaint – also dismissed – was lodged by the Saudi Arabian government over suggestions that “the message of hatred and segregation is … influenced by the religious establishment of Saudi Arabia”.

The bad news is the cops have left the preachers free to advocate this medieval barbarism:

* “Allah created the woman deficient”.

* “…it takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of the man”.

* “By the age of ten, it becomes an obligation on us to force her [young girls] to wear hijab, and if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her”.

* “…take that homosexual and throw him off the mountain”.

* “Whoever changes his religion from Al Islam to anything else – kill him in the Islamic state”.

* “There will be a House of Commons but they will decide every issue in accordance with the Book of Allah and the example of the Prophet.”

So Birmingham residents will have to protect Brit freedoms themselves – not hard since mosques are easy targets.

That really will undermine community relations.


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