Belgium Shows The Way

The Belgians kicked their government out 176 days ago, and have run their affairs perfectly well without it. Unfortunately, the EU has decided to change this happy state of affairs.

Here’s Brussels Journal:

Since the elections almost six months ago Guy Verhofstadt, having lost his parliamentary majority, has remained Prime Minister in a caretaker position…

As a caretaker Guy Verhofstadt’s powers are severely restricted. The caretaker PM cannot initiate new policies or take decisions which bind the country…

In the past half year no European directives have been introduced in Belgium, with the result that, paradoxically, the country’s ungovernability has left it more sovereign than it has ever been since 1957, when Belgium signed its sovereignty away to the European authorities in the Treaty of Rome

But the EU needs a Belgian government to sign up to its Constitution – all states have to agree this, since it’s a huge transfer of sovereignty.

The EU elite has solved the problems of the French and Dutch peoples (who rejected the Constitution 2 years ago in referendums), and Brits (who would have rejected it), by ensuring their governments ban referendums this time round. Instead the governments get to sign up on their peoples’ behalf.

But those fat and happy Belgians have no government to sign them up, and so:

Belgian television reports that today, on the 176th day of Belgium’s political crisis, the Belgian king, Albert II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, has bestowed “urgent” powers, including dealing with “international matters,” on Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, whose Liberal-Socialist coalition was battered in the general elections on 10 June.

This is in violation of the Belgian Constitution which does not provide for extended powers to governments without a parliamentary majority…

The King, however, has been careful not to make any official announcement after meeting Mr Verhofstadt this morning.

Any Belgian legal challenge to this would end up in the statist European Court of Justice, which is guaranteed to produce the required decision for the EU.

This is good for the EU up to a point, since it saves it having to deal with the contrary views of the peoples of Europe.

But that leaves Belgians, and all other Europeans, with only one choice to regain their liberties.

That involves ropes, lamp posts, and firing squads.


King Albert and his EU masters are trying a different tack – here’s the latest:

Earlier today the King’s suggestion that Mr Verhofstadt be given expanded powers was met with indignation and criticism from leading constitutional experts. Prof. Paul Van Orshoven lambasted the idea during the radio news at noon…

The King has now decided to appoint Mr Verhofstadt as “informateur.” The latter’s task is to inform the King, within a short period of time, about possible ways to solve the Belgian political crisis. The King, who in Belgium has more powers than royalty in other democracies, will then decide what to do.

The Belgian King has experience of deciding what to do – his predecessors ran the Belgian Congo as their own personal slave state.


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  1. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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