Brits Will Make It, But Not Their Country

The previous post suggested the future lies with the Anglosphere – but the UK probably won’t be part of it.

Brown’s government just signed up to the resurrected EU Constitution without the consent of the British people:

FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband has signed the hated EU treaty…

The developments come despite an eleventh-hour bombshell that it means surrendering control of Britain’s immigration policy.

This says nothing new about Brown’s government – it’s corrupt and knew it would lose any referendum.

But why did the French and Dutch governments, whose voters chucked out the Constitution 2 years ago, now disregard their electorates? And why, if they’re democracies, did the French and Dutch people accept this?

The answer lies in the collectivism of the European elite.


The essence of collectivism is that the citizen is transitory, while the state endures: thus the citizen’s views are valueless – he’s just a sheep serving the state.

Collectivism is dissected by Karl Popper in The Open Society and Its Enemies, Volume 1 (p119, paperback):

…the state is said to be something higher and nobler than an association with rational ends; it is an object of worship. It has higher tasks than the protection of human beings and their rights. It has moral tasks.

…officers of the state should be concerned with the morality of the citizens, and…they should use their power not so much for the protection of the citizens’ freedom as for the control of their moral life.

That’s the EU, in which law-abiding citizens are left by the state at the mercy of criminals, while it imposes “Nanny” restrictions to control their morality and ignores their votes.

Collectivism didn’t really take off until the late 19th Century, but since then we’ve had the Young Turks, Marxism, the USSR, Red China, Hitler, Pol Pot, and a swarm of minor players.

Collectivist states commit almost all genocide – if the citizen is the property of the state, he can be dispensed with at its pleasure. Many Greens are collectivists, and want to kill billions of people to “save the earth”.

Collectivists states are warlike for three reasons:

1. If the supreme state is all that matters, then it must fight other states.

2. Controlled sheep-citizens are easily sacrificed in war.

3. All states have lower moral values than their citizens – Brown’s dishonesty is a small example.

The good news is collectivist states don’t last – witness the genocide list above. Eventually they lose wars and are broken up, or their citizens revolt, or they collapse because slave economies don’t work very well.

Where this leaves the European Union

With the exception of the Brits, until the end of WW2 all European nations were either collectivist or despotic.

After WW2, Europe prospered under the protection of the US and grew a patina of democracy. It flourished though trade with and aid from its protector, without training its citizens to fight for their freedoms or paying for weapons to equip them.

So the current political elite in all European nations has grown up believing it can win wars without fighting, and with an electorate that can’t fight and so is easily controlled.

In the US, the armed and confident citizens of the red states would crush any move to collectivism with the same quick competence displayed by the splendid woman guard this week.

But the EU differs importantly from all other collectivist societies – it has no external defenses.

What Happens Next?

The EU elite isn’t threatened by its submissive citizens, and won’t start committing genocide anytime soon.

However the its defenselessness makes a tempting target for collectivist neighbors, Russia and Iran. Both must value Europe’s well-trained human sheep, and be very tempted to take them.

Any half-competent Russian general could take the entire continental EU in 72 hours. And in three years the Mullahs will be able to threaten nukes on all EU capitals except London, to leverage and protect Europe’s large Muslim communities.

My money’s on the Russians, who need more sheep-people urgently as their own population declines, who emphatically don’t want a huge Islamic nation to their West, and have shown – brutally – in Chechnya that they know how to deal with uppity Muslims. Plus the EU’s political institutions mesh tidily with those of Putin’s Russia.

The Future

Europe won’t survive as an independent entity.

The Brits might detach themselves in time, but – fortunately and unfortunately – they have the escape valve of the rest of the Anglosphere. The current very high level of Brit emigration will probably accelerate, and those that stay in the UK will share the fate of continental Europe.

So Brit readers should start thinking about moving assets and maybe themselves to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – we are (again).


3 Responses to Brits Will Make It, But Not Their Country

  1. dearieme says:

    If we poured into South Island NZ we could declare independence from all those poltroons in Wellington.

  2. gandalf says:


    Indeed, although don’t they have a troll problem? Anyway, we’re taking a look next year & will report.

  3. Jeff Crump says:

    Too late for this year, but maybe next November 5th?

    I guess that I was hoping that your government would have had a Sir Humphrey Appleby, a Jim Hacker, and a Bernard Woolley to keep this from happening.

    Long Live Britannia.

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