The Future Is Ours

The latest indexes show that: a) the most economically free nations are Anglosphere, or our bankers; b) economically free nations are rich and the fastest growing: c) all the Anglo nations are also politically free and so will adapt and endure.

So, for all our faults, we are the future.

Here are the world’s 10 freest economies, in rank order from the Heritage Foundation’s 2007 Index of Economic Freedom World Rankings:

1. Hong Kong

2. Singapore

3. Australia

4. United States

5. New Zealand

6. United Kingdom

7. Ireland

8. Luxembourg

9. Switzerland

10. Canada

Freedom pays:

There is a clear relationship between economic freedom and numerous other cross-country variables, the most prominent being the strong relationship between the level of freedom and the level of prosperity in a given country.

Previous editions of the Index have confirmed the tangible benefits of living in freer socie-ties.

Not only is a higher level of economic freedom clearly associated with a higher level of per capita gross domestic product, but those higher GDP growth rates seem to create a virtuous cycle, triggering fur-ther improvements in economic freedom.

Economic freedom doesn’t always go in tandem with political freedom – the Freedom House index of political freedom the above nations as follows:

Hong Kong – not rated, but as part of China it’s Not Free

Singapore – Partly Free

Australia – Free

United States – Free

New Zealand – Free

United Kingdom – Free

Ireland – Free

Luxembourg – Free

Switzerland – Free

Canada -Free

Political freedom is essential, because the gangs that run un-free societies can’t adapt to change, so their societies eventually fail, like the USSR. For that reason I wouldn’t invest in either Hong Kong or Singapore.

That leaves just us in the Anglosphere to prosper- plus our bankers in Luxembourg and Switzerland of course.


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