Woolly Thinking

The Brit MSM has found the smoking gun for global warmening – woolly mammoths.

The London Times says 6 degrees C kills (my emphasis):

Scientists say that without any cuts in emissions, the world’s average temperatures could rise by 6C by 2100. This would wipe out most of humanity plus many other species.

It seems this wipening out has already begun:

Woolly mammoths were among the biggest mammals to have walked the earth, but it appears they were driven into extinction by nothing more dangerous than trees.

A leading expert on the ice age will claim this week that, rather than being wiped out by human hunters, the giant creatures were doomed by the spread of forests around the world at the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

Professor Adrian Lister, a palaeobiologist at University College London, has found that the extensive areas of frozen grassland on which mammoths thrived were gradually replaced by forests, leaving the animals nothing to eat.

Imagine the immense cunning of those early mammoth hunters (many of whose descendants would go on to vote for the George Bush) – rather than actually hunt the woolly mammoths, they lit campfires to produce the killer CO2, ensuring the rapid end of the ice age.



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