The Wise King And The Brave Woman

December 17, 2007

The Saudi king has pardoned the young woman sentenced to 200 lashes after a gang rape, and the two of them point the way out of Islam’s misogynistic hell.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has pardoned a teenage victim of a gang rape who was sentenced to 200 lashes and jailed for six months in a highly-publicised case that inflicted incalculable damage on the country’s image.

This scandal has encouraged the evolution of Saudi society:

…even leading Saudis had made clear their embarrassment and disquiet at the court ruling. Many commentators in the kingdom’s increasingly outspoken press had condemned as “shameful” the judgment that treated the victim as a culprit.

Human rights activists at home and abroad believe the furor could now empower voices for change in the Kingdom’s Islamic courts.

So a wise king and a brave young woman make a difference.


The WSJ And Illegal Immigration

December 17, 2007

The WSJ, normally sound on the rule of law, makes an exception for illegal immigrants. This does neither the WSJ or Hispanics any favors, and reminds us to trust no one.

America’s illegal immigration mess is born of bad policies that are either unenforceable or not enforced because it’s not in our economic interest to do so.

These dubious assertions are the conclusion of its argument that Republican candidates shouldn’t oppose illegal immigration, because:

A Pew Hispanic Center poll released this month found that 57% of Hispanic voters now identify with Democrats, while only 23% align with Republicans. That 34-point gap has increased by 21 points in less than 18 months.

The GOP probably can’t hold the White House next year without winning swing states like Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, all of which have large Hispanic populations.

But the rule of law is fundamental to US freedoms. If one group is allowed to flout it with impunity – either through incompetence or in “our economic interests”, the center cannot hold.

And if the center does not hold, where does that leave Hispanics, legal and illegal? They’re a minority, and depend entirely upon the acceptance of their host community.

If, cheered by the likes of the WSJ, Hispanics vote a lefty in to White House, the results will be catastrophic. First for the nation, including its economy. If the WSJ’s editors doubt that, they should try living and working in one of the many countries of the world where the law is not respected – Mexico, for example.

And so will fall the City On The Hill, Hispanics and all.

But no such risk is necessary, since illegal immigration can be easily controlled – starting with honest protection of US borders, but then raising the quotas for legal immigration.

All of which shows that normally sensible groups like the WSJ’s editors are on some topics as deranged as the nuttiest global warmenist.

And that confirms that we must always distrust received wisdom, whatever the source.