The Wise King And The Brave Woman

The Saudi king has pardoned the young woman sentenced to 200 lashes after a gang rape, and the two of them point the way out of Islam’s misogynistic hell.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has pardoned a teenage victim of a gang rape who was sentenced to 200 lashes and jailed for six months in a highly-publicised case that inflicted incalculable damage on the country’s image.

This scandal has encouraged the evolution of Saudi society:

…even leading Saudis had made clear their embarrassment and disquiet at the court ruling. Many commentators in the kingdom’s increasingly outspoken press had condemned as “shameful” the judgment that treated the victim as a culprit.

Human rights activists at home and abroad believe the furor could now empower voices for change in the Kingdom’s Islamic courts.

So a wise king and a brave young woman make a difference.


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