Brit Warmth

London is a chilly 40 degrees, but the local global warmenists are keeping us warm. Laughing.

Here’s a particularly funny one:

Britain’s favourite spring flowers are in danger of becoming extinct because climate change is causing them to bloom too early, environmental scientists said yesterday…

Some varieties are blossoming six months ahead of time, leaving them exposed to serious winter frosts. Others are losing the chance to pollinate and reproduce because their traditional flowering cycle is disrupted.

Actually, all existing plant species have been around for well over 400,000 years, which means they’ve survived at least 4 ice ages (which, we should never forget, until 10,000 years ago lowered sea levels enough to join England to France). And they’ve survived four interglacials, all hotter than now.

So you can bet a few warm summers won’t stop Brit plant life pollinating and reproducing.

However, with luck, this cold winter might have just that effect on Brit global warmenists, and that would, from an evolutionary standpoint, be a Good Thing.


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