2007’s Top Ten

Here are the year’s top ten events most likely to shape the future of the Anglosphere (in which we include Japan, India, and Israel).

1. Al Qaeda Was Beaten

They’ll continue to attack their usual targets – defenseless men, women and kids – but they’ve lost Iraq. And, more importantly, showed the world’s terrorists that killing American is a lousy career choice and that Muslim victims fight back.

So now we can expect them to turn on vulnerable non-Americans, for example Pakistani democrats such as Benazir Bhutto.

2. BMD Became A Reality

The sea-launched SM-3, the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, and the Israeli Arrow II, all now work and are being deployed. Layered with launch phase defenses and short range weapons, notably the Patriot PAC-3, these offer quite good protection, including attacks with decoys and volleys.

This buys at least a decade in which our nations (but not Israel) are very unlikely to be attacked by missile.

3. The Tide Turned Against Insurgency

That has involved new leaders, new politics, new war fighting, and new technologies.

The drone came into its own, as many Hamas killers can testify from their virgin-havens in the sky. The IED was defeated by the US (but, sadly, not by the poorly equipped Brits).

The F-35B rolled out – this successor to the mighty Harrier will provide the US, UK and Israel with extremely flexible air assets in what promises to be a succession of expeditionary wars against Islam.

4. The Euro Exploded

It’s currently $1.47 – at least 25% above purchasing power parity. That’s killing Europe’s export sector, notably the German car giants and Airbus.

5. The Brits Reached The Edge Of The Precipice

The UK has the second largest external debt in the world – $8.3 trillion, not much less than the US $10 trillion.

But the UK economy is much smaller and weaker than that of the US, so it’s more vulnerable to an economic downturn. And the latter is very likely, given its highly incompetent and dishonest government.

6. Voters Got Silly

Australia showed the way, electing a tree-hugger called Kevin in place of the doughty Howard. That seems to happen in all democracies towards the end of stressful times, and it usually ends in tears. The Brits dumped Churchill in 1945, ushering in a vastly destructive era of socialism that took over 40 years to put right.

US voters seemed headed in the same direction, and if they don’t get real they (and we) face a decade of Dems running the US, with the attendant high taxation, stagnant economy, and appeasing foreign policy. However the new systems mentioned above should stop that being to militarily disastrous.

7. Global Warmenists Hit The Wall

The shrillness of the warmers at Bali confirmed they’re realizing they’ve lost the argument. The world hasn’t warmed since 1998; the warmenist-deniers got organized, so nuking the “consensus” argument; and its quite clear now that warming causes atmospheric CO2 to rise rather than the other way round.

In fact there are worrying signs we’re moving into a cooling phase.

8. Darwinism Joined Arafat, Castro, and the Parrot

It seems the major steps in evolution have been aligned with meteorite impacts – supporting Fred Hoyle’s theory that life originated outside the earth. That, or something similar, had to be the case, since the probability of randomly building the basic building blocks of life are so low this couldn’t have happened in the short existence of our planet.

9. Russia Reverted To Type

The lefties at Time magazine made Putin Man Of The Year, confirming that Russia is now an official enemy of the US.

That’s good news, since Russia’s collapsing population means it won’t be around long.

10. The EU Elite Wrote A Long Suicide Note

That’s their Constitution, which they signed in the face of massive voter hostility in all the big European states. Weak empires built on tyranny don’t last, and my guess is the exploding Euro will finish them.


One Response to 2007’s Top Ten

  1. Jeff Crump says:

    Do you have any concerns about an Oceania like “Ministry of Truth” to police the internet? Sounds like Japan is considering something on that order.

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