“Hate Crimes”, “Minorities”, “Cops”, and Luton Airport

Sadly, the Brit county where the cops block free speech to protect criminals hosts the last usable London airport.

Ian Holden, the Bedfordshire cop who plans on arresting Lionheart, runs his Constabulary’s Hate Crimes unit, with this mission:

Bedfordshire Police is commited (sic) to tackling all hate crime in a robust but sensitive manner to help to bring a better quality of life to members of the minority communities.

Community Investigators are in place across the county who liaise with other agencies to provde (sic) members of the ethnic minority community with an opportunity to report hate crime. All Bedfordshire Police officers are skilled in community and race relations and can be expected to deal with any reported crime in an appropriate and sensitive manner…

We need you to report all incidents of hate crime so that we may provide the best service to our communities. No matter how trivial you think the incident is, if you perceive the motivation behind the incident to be your race or religious belief, please tell us about it.

So this spelling-challenged fellow offers a one-way conduit for “minorities” to finger their hosts.

But he doesn’t understand that a hate crime has to first be a crime – it’s not enough for a Pakistani to resent being tarred with the same brush as his pedophile compatriots – here’s the Brit legal definition (my emphasis):

In England and Wales criminal actions are considered hate crimes if they are perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice and hatred.

So you need the criminal action first, then “hate” compounds the crime. Mere hatred isn’t enough, since Common Law protects Brit thought and speech.

Except in Bedfordshire, which must therefor be a very dangerous place for us non-minorities.

The good news is that on this reading of law, Lionheart will (if he plays his cards right) collect healthy damages from the Bedfordshire cops.

But this has wrecked our last airbridge to the UK, because the only tolerable airport left for London is Luton.

That’s in Bedfordshire, which makes it a no-go area – we’d hate to be victimized by the local “minorities” or “cops”.


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