Time To Jump From Oxford’s Dreaming Minarets

Investors and academics in the Brit university city of Oxford can escape its descent into an Islamic hellhole by moving to Italy.

Oxford’s Muslim community two years ago:

A Muslim father was sent to jail for at least 20 years yesterday for ordering his sons to kill a teenager who was going out with his daughter in defiance of his wishes.

Oxford last year (my emphasis):

Books calling for the beheading of lapsed Muslims, ordering women to remain indoors and forbidding interfaith marriage are being sold inside some of Britain’s leading mosques…researchers said that they found further controversial works during visits to mosques in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Oxford and High Wycombe.

Oxford now:

The Bishop of Oxford has supported plans to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer over part of the historic city.

Welcoming proposals from Oxford’s Central Mosque to sound the call three times a day over East Oxford, the Rt Rev John Pritchard said those opposed to the plan should “relax” and “enjoy community diversity”.

The bishop also rejected claims by the Anglican Church’s only Asian bishop that sounding the call in Britain represented an attempt to “impose an Islamic character” on some areas.

Thus Oxford’s Muslim community, all members of which possess or can easily buy watches, seeks three times a day to remind its hosts of the presence of their barbaric religion.

Oxford’s smart people and smart money can join us in safe Italy (hat tip Brussels Journal):

Imperia, 9 Jan. (AKI) – The Italian interior ministry issued expulsion orders for an imam of a mosque in Turin in northern Italy on public order and security grounds…Mohamed Kohaila, 44, was accused last year of delivering fundamentalist sermons at Turin mosque in a television programme aired on Italian state-run RAI television.

As well as remaining a free country, Italy has much better food and climate, and runs a globally competitive manufacturing economy.


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