Why “Human Rights” Laws Undermine Us

Here’s a powerful analysis of the damage Canadian Human Rights laws have done their society, from the guy charged with publishing the Motoons (my formating).

Here is an exchange between me and Officer McGovern. I talked about the chilling effect that human rights complaints have not just on the victims — e.g. the people and companies named in the complaints, like we were — but on other media who see what could happen to them if they dare upset thin-skinned whiners.

It’s similar to the phenomenon of libel chill, except it’s worse.

Libel chill is when reporters are worried about writing a story for fear of being sued. But that’s not much more than a healthy fear — if a story’s facts are true, it’s defensible in defamation law. More than that, any would-be plaintiff would have to finance his own lawsuit, be subject to well-known rules of court, and have to pay the costs of any failed nuisance suits.

None of those restraints are checks againt “human rights commission chill”: truth is not a defence; plaintiffs complain for free; taxpayers pay for the prosecuting lawyers; rules are arbitrary; legal precedents are not applied consistently; and instead of judges, tribunals are stacked with activists, many not even lawyers.

The Brit Bedfordshire police should take note.


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