A Brit Right To Bear Tasers

The collectivist elite that runs all Brit political parties bans law abiding Brits from carrying weapons, leaving decent people to die at the hands and feet of criminals. Popular outrage will eventually force a change of policy, and here’s a suggestion.

Every week the Brit MSM reports an innocent killed by feral youths – here’s the latest:

Three teenagers have been found guilty of murdering father of three Garry Newlove, 47, who was attacked and left for dead outside his Warrington home.

Mr Newlove confronted a gang of youths who had been making his life “a misery” before they beat him to death in August last year.

He suffered massive head injuries after being punched to the ground and kicked “as if he were a football”…

Since Mr Newlove’s death, neighbours say new and improved street lighting has been installed in the road where he lived and schemes to keep local teenagers from the streets have been launched, with mixed results.

It’s hard for one man or woman to fight one against three – one can easily get behind you and fell you with a kick behind the knee, and they can then quickly kick you to death.

So the unarmed Mr. Newlove should have stayed indoors and called the cops. They probably wouldn’t have come, but he’d have lived. But if the killers felt safe to vandalize his wife’s car in front of him, they possibly move on to home invasion.

So we need a solution to the three killer problem that doesn’t cause a wave of gun crime, and the Taser provides that. In many US states you can buy the consumer version with a range of 15 feet – close enough for accuracy, but far enough to give good stand-off protection against encirclement.

I’d not bother to require licensing and training – the UK’s politicized cops would find some reason to withhold licenses.

Possible downsides are deaths of attackers (very unlikely), and criminals using them. But Brit criminals carry guns and knives, and won’t bother with a weapon that only temporarily disables their victim.

So the post-revolutionary Brit government should freely license Tasers, and meantime Brits in high crime areas like Warrington should get them now – they’re illegal, and cost $400, but they’ll save your life.


One Response to A Brit Right To Bear Tasers

  1. dearieme says:

    All males over 40 who do not have a criminal record or other disqualification should be obliged to carry a weapon: taser, perhaps, or shillileagh, or even firearm. They should, moreover, be obliged to use it in various defined circumstances. Any use for “reasonable cause” on any male under 30 is to be, by definition, no crime. We must have reached the point of a barbarism so widespread that we need this sort of thing. There’s no point saying that criminals will steal the weapon: they are already tooled up with knives and guns.

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