Pity And Islam

A poll reports Europeans, uniquely among Westerners, find Islam abhorrent. That’s probably because the pandering of European elites to Muslim immigrants has convincing the natives that Islam violates a core Western value – a sense of pity.

The survey was conducted by Gallup on behalf of the lefty World Economic Forum and its Saudi partners. The conclusions are the expected combination of transi-speak (” the role of decision-makers”, “the need for media leadership”), and propaganda (Islamic terrorism is the West’s fault!).

Brussels Journal has this link to the full report, and its odd finding:

Clear majorities in all European countries surveyed see greater interaction between the West and Muslim worlds as a threat. This is true of 79% of the population in Denmark, 67% in Italy, 67% in the Netherlands, 68% in Spain, 65% in Sweden and 59% in Belgium. This corresponds to a growing fear among Europeans of a perceived “Islamic threat” to their cultural identities, driven in part by rising immigration from predominantly Muslim regions. […]

Although some might expect the United States, Israel and the Middle East to be more likely than Europe to feel threatened by the “other,” the opposite is the case. In the United States (70%), Canada (72%) and Israel (56%) majorities say that greater interaction is a benefit.

The US (Muslim 1%) and Israel (Muslim 16%) are easy to explain – both require immigrants to integrate or ship out. Canada (Muslim 1.9%) has an elite that panders to Islam and yet the natives aren’t yet restless – probably just a timing issue, since the pandering is recent.

Europeans’ distaste distaste for Muslims isn’t related to numbers – Denmark’s (Muslim 2%) are not that different from the US and Canada.

The difference seems to be the European elites – here’s an example of why the Dutch (Muslim 5.5%) don’t like their guests:

Geert Wilders, 44, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, who compares the Muslim holy book to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, sparked government panic after saying the anti-Islam film would be released tomorrow.

As Dutch police prepared for a weekend of riots and Mr Wilders was told by the authorities that he would have to leave (the) country, he launched a new attack on “intolerant” Islam while announcing that his 10-minute film attacking the Muslim faith would be postponed for two weeks.

Still, European elites oppress their population in many other ways (currently by transferring power to the EU against their explicit wishes) without triggering a 70% backlash .

So it seems likely that’s occurring because Europeans consider a core value of their civilization is violated by Islam, and that’s probably the sense of of pity:

…a feeling of sorrow for the troubles and sufferings of others; compassion.

Pity has been a core of Western civilization for over 2,000 years – here’s how the Romans reacted to a circus act (Abacus paperback, page 284):

When 20 elephants…were attacked by spearmen, their trumpetings of distress so harrowed the spectators that everyone in the theatre began to weep…At the end of the games, rather than cheering…they rose to their feet, and, through their tears, called down curses upon (the sponsor’s) head.

These same Romans were quite happy to see lions, tigers, gladiators, and captive enemies put to death, but those could (in Roman terms) be considered threatening. They wept because the elephant threatens no man, and killing them was pitiless.

And that’s what the Europeans we know hate about Islam – its lack of pity. In particular its oppression of women.

Of course there a plenty of decent Muslims in Europe, but the abused women are a constant presence to Europeans.

Europeans won’t discard their core values, and Islam has 1700 years of hardwiring, so something has to give.

Again, there’s historical precedent. In WW2, the hyper-civilized Brits morphed from dropping leaflets on Germany to burning its cities – by then mostly full of women, kids, and old men. That was a selective withdrawal of pity against an enemy that itself showed no pity.

With 70% of Europeans now saying they’re withdrawing pity from Islam, this will get ugly.



One Response to Pity And Islam

  1. DWMF says:

    “With 70% of Europeans now saying they’re withdrawing pity from Islam, this will get ugly.”

    I agree. I remember a post by Big Pharoah, in which he converses with a friend about the Jewish Holocaust. The friend resented and envied the sympathy the West gives Israel in its wake. BP ominously notes that his wish for similar sympathy may be granted.

    What makes this worse is that the mad bastards in Medina seem to WANT this to happen.

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