The President Bites

President Bush has nailed his appeasing Secretary of State and her honchos at State by dropping Paul Wolfowitz on them.

Last year, State proudly announced it had bribed the North Korean dictator to abandon his nuclear weapons programs (he has two – one using Uranium and one Plutonium).

Subsequently the Israelis whacked a nuclear weapons reactor he was building for his fellow-dictator in Syria, and he welshed on his deal with State after pocketing their bribes.

Recently a rare brave man at State denounced this charade:

…Jay Lefkowitz, special envoy for human rights in North Korea (in) a speech delivered Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute…spelled out that after four years of Six-Party talks, we’ve got pretty much nothing. Meanwhile, North Korea has conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test, a nuclear test, and continued brutalizing its own people in ways “deeply offensive to us,” which “should also offend free people around the world.”

Staking out a position not attempted in the Condi Rice State Department since John Bolton left in 2006, Lefkowitz suggested that “Policy should rest on assumptions that correlate with recent facts and events.” He went on to spell out (without mentioning Chris Hill) the ways in which Chris-Hill diplomacy and the Six-Party talks have been a horrifying flop.

…Lefkowitz warned that “It is increasingly likely that North Korea will have the same nuclear status one year from now that it has today.”

Ms Rice rushed to defend the dictator:

…Mr. Lefkowitz, growled Condoleezza Rice at a Tuesday press conference in Europe, “doesn’t work on the six-party talks [on North Korea], he doesn’t know what’s going on in the six-party talks and he certainly has no say in what American policy will be in the six-party talks.”

To reinforce her point, State then deleted Lefkowitz’s speech from its website.

It seemed Rice and dictator had won, until today the president announced:

Paul Wolfowitz has been appointed a high-level adviser on arms control to the Bush administration, dealing with issues such as Iran and North Korea.

The appointment of the former head of the World Bank to the International Security Advisory Board will once again give one of Mr Bush’s hawkish proponents of the Iraq war an official channel to the administration.

The panel’s duty is to supply independent advice on arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation and related subjects…

For Mr Wolfowitz the appointment is a huge vindication after his protracted and controversial departure from the World Bank, where Mr Bush had sent him after he had served five years as deputy secretary of defence.

This is excellent – the president confirms he has no confidence in Ms Rice, puts her dictator in the cross-hairs, adds the Mullahs for good measure, shows he cares about the wretched North Korean people, and tells the corrupt creeps at the World Bank what he thinks of them.

As a postscript, one of said corrupt creeps is now in Brown’s (also corrupt) cabinet, so that sends a message to him too.

Nice shooting.


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