Open Borders, UK Style

A minor political scandal throws a revealing light on Brit immigration policy.

The story:

THE health secretary Alan Johnson became the latest cabinet minister to be embroiled in a scandal over donors last night after he was accused of accepting cash through a proxy.

A student, Waseem Siddiqui, said he was asked by his brother, a local Labour party official, to write a cheque for £3,334 towards Johnson’s failed bid to become deputy leader…

Siddiqui, 50, from Pakistan, who has lived in Croydon, south London, on a student visa for the past three years, said his brother Ahmed Yar Mohammed, who is treasurer of Croydon Central Labour party, told him to write the cheque in June and then gave him the money.

“He said, ‘You write a cheque, I write a cheque for that, for the Labour party,” Siddiqui is said to have told the Sunday Mirror newspaper. “That time I have no money, no job.”

…Johnson’s camp said last night that Siddiqui was known by volunteers in his campaign and lives near the minister’s south London home. He is named on the electoral register and is eligible to make political donations.

If this report is accurate, then:

1. Brit immigration allows 50 year olds to enter the country on student visas.

2. Immigrants to the UK on student visas can take jobs.

3. Immigrants to the UK on student visas can vote, (unlike Mrs G and myself – we’re non-resident British citizens).

4. There are lots of Pakistanis in the governing Labour party.

This explains why Brit natives are getting upset with their government’s immigration polices.

But it doesn’t explain why two guys called Waseem Siddiqui and Ahmed Yar Mohammed can be brothers.


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