Letter From Italy

The Italian political system is screwed, but it would be even worse if it weren’t.

There’s a good summary of the mess here:

Italy is exhausted with its politicians, exhausted with their easy piety, chronic cronyism and interminable lawsuits, their permanent, quarrelsome presence on TV and sepulchral absence from Parliament, exhausted with the parties they form one day and break up the next, with the coalitions, and the coalitions within coalitions, or across coalitions, or between coalitions, the countless aggregations and desertions, the coteries, caucuses and cliques…

But the essentials of the state are OK – the cops (Carabinieri) are respected as brave and effective, and we feel much safer in their machine gun toting presence than with the invisible and PC Brit cops.

Italy is a Low Trust state, which means its economy has a few giant enterprises mostly assisted by the state, lots of small family companies, and not much in between. That can be frustrating – I spent the weekend failing to find an on-line Italian vegetable seed outlet – they all sell through distributors.

But that means lots of local stores – in our rural neighborhood we’re 15 minutes drive from eight butchers shops, plus a plethora of greengrocers and bakers. The result is food of much higher quality than our central London neighborhood with its fashionable Farmers Market and fancy supermarts.

And when I did find my lettuce seeds (in the hardware store), the packet not only told me the best month the sow, but what phase the moon had to be!

So if Italy’s government became more effective, it would inflict on its citizens the same misery as the Brit government does on its subjects – mass DNA profiling, poor healthcare, bad roads and airports, lousy policing, appeasement of homicidal immigrants, and so on.

Hence there’s zero chance the Italians will give up their way of life to Islam, whereas the Brits just might.


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