The Ice Age Cometh

As you’d expect with apocolyptic forecasts, the Ice Age has started in Jerusalem!

A heavy snowfall blanketed Jerusalem and the surrounding areas Tuesday night and was continuing to fall Wednesday. As expected, the Jerusalem Municipality decided to cancel school in the capital for the day due to the slippery streets…

The inclement weather swept across not only Jerusalem, as the Golan Heights saw an accumulation of dozens of centimeters of snow.

Actually, Jerusalem is about half a mile high and it usually snows there this time of year. And the Golan Heights are, well, high.

Still, using this as evidence for the Ice Age is no more dishonest than the warmenists grabbing at every heat wave to justify their predictions, or their reactions to unconvenient truths:

Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the U.N. Panel that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, said he would look into the apparent temperature plateau so far this century.

“One would really have to see on the basis of some analysis what this really represents,” he told Reuters, adding “are there natural factors compensating?” for increases in greenhouse gases from human activities.

He added that sceptics about a human role in climate change delighted in hints that temperatures might not be rising. “There are some people who would want to find every single excuse to say that this is all hogwash,” he said.

The gent is infected by confirmation bias:

…a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs…

Confirmation bias is of interest in the teaching of critical thinking, as the skill is misused if rigorous critical scrutiny is applied only to evidence challenging a preconceived idea but not to evidence supporting it.

Still, now we have the name of another Loser.


2 Responses to The Ice Age Cometh

  1. Jeff Crump says:

    You might find this link interesting.

    The Canadian Space Agency’s radio telescope has been reporting Flux Density Values so low they will mean a mini ice age if they continue.

  2. dearieme says:

    OK, Jeff, but should we take seriously a chap who gets the date for Napoleon’s invasion of Russia wrong?

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