A Small Light Flickers In England’s Dark Heart

Previous posts have documented the English practice of taking new born babies from vulnerable mothers for forced adoption. Yesterday, one young mother fought back and won – if only briefly.

Yesterday, a judge ordered that the baby boy, born at 2am that morning and removed from his 18-year-old mother at 4am, should be returned to her immediately…

The judge, Mr Justice Munby, said that social workers had “on the face of it” broken the law by insisting the mother and child be separated without first obtaining a court order.

Officials in the case, who are employed by Nottingham City Council, “should have known better” than to go ahead without following proper procedures…

Although it is not unusual for social services to remove newborn babies from their mothers if they suspect the child is in danger, it is very rare for a solicitor to intervene in this way on her behalf and with such speed.

Campaigners also say courts often side with social workers, but in this case the judge took the unusual step of saying he had seen nothing to suggest the mother posed a risk to the child.

“What appears to have happened is the local authority has stolen someone’s baby and a judge has ordered them to give it back. Many family court lawyers simply roll over when cases like this come in. Here a feisty lawyer weighed in on behalf of his client,” said John Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley and a campaigner on the issue of newborns being taken into care.

But the perps are fighting back (my ellipsis):

Nottingham City Council childrens services have (subsequently) applied for an ‘interim care order’ which would mean the baby…being placed with foster parents. The case is currently being heard by the magistrates court in the city.

Hopefully, now there are decent English people involved – the feisty lawyer and the MP – this young woman will get to keep her baby.

If not, at least we now know the identities of some of the people responsible for this evil practice.

And to avoid Nottingham.


2 Responses to A Small Light Flickers In England’s Dark Heart

  1. dearieme says:

    Ah well, more victims for the Council Buggery Service.

  2. gandalf says:



    It’s odd the left has “The Woman’s Right To Choose” morph to “The Woman’s Right Not To Choose” as soon as the umbilical cord is snipped.

    PJ O’Rourke would approve the irony.

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