The Light Goes Out

An English court has retrospectively – and in secrecy – legitimized the latest state kidnap of a new born baby.

A teenage mother fled court in tears yesterday after being told that her baby son, who was taken illegally by social workers a few hours after he was born, would be put back into care for a second time…

The 18-year-old was separated from the boy, known only as G, two hours after she gave birth.

He was returned to her after a judge at the High Court ruled that his removal had been “unlawful”.

However, in another twist in the case, a second judge issued an interim order yesterday to put the baby back in foster care.

District Judge Richard Inglis said that there could be “frequent” contact between mother and son, but ruled that a decision about G’s future would have to wait until later in the year.

Of course Inglis has made the “decision about G’s future” by stopping his mother breast feeding him and hence bonding with him.

She shares more DNA with this kid than anyone else in the world, so is this best placed to raise him, but now Inglis and his pals have blocked that, the swine.

Vulnerable English women facing this fate have three escape routes.

A. Have an abortion.

That avoids the physical and mental pain and stress of carrying and bearing a baby for the English state.

B. Give birth outside of England

The rest of the world does not countenance this barbarism.

C. Convert to Islam

English officialdom wouldn’t dare take a Muslim baby. Islam tends to oppress women, but at least it lets them keep their kids.


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