The Lesser Weevil

Borrowing Captain Aubrey’s awful joke in Master and Commander (book, movie), we judge McCain as the lesser of the current group of weevils. That’s because he’s the only one likely to scare Kim and the Mullahs into submission. Or, failing that, to kill them.

Sadly all of today’s contenders are open-border socialists, so whatever happens the US economy will take a hit as the rich get taxed, the US will acquire 12 million new citizens pronto (as it were), and the next bunch of illegals will start flooding in.

That’s bad, but the US has recovered from worse before, and a tanked economy and the 12 million new Latinos will probably encourage a better mix of candidates in 2012.

What the US cannot tolerate is nuclear warfare anywhere in the world – not on the US, not between Israel and Iran, and not between India and Pakistan. That’s because even modest nuclear wars will mess up the global telecom and transport infrastructure for decades, bringing death and misery to billions.

Only the US has the military and economic power to prevent this catastrophe, but wielding that power requires an extraordinarily determination in the commander-in-chief.

For starters, he or she has to face down a State Department infested by appeasers, a corrupted intelligence community, and an infiltrated Pentagon.

Then there’s the UN. Then there are the fair weather allies (now sadly including the Brits). Then there’s Congress. Then there’s the America-hating MSM.

After that, the enemy must be faced – with brutal threats and cunning inducements.

And if they doesn’t work quickly, the president must have the intestinal fortitude to pull the trigger.

Now match each of the current candidates against this task.

Clinton. Zero executive experience; rides her husband’s coattails; disdains America’s military; no war experience; weeps under mild pressure.

Obama. Zero executive experience; supported by anti-Zionists; incoherent thinker; disdains America’s military; no war experience.

Romney. Strong executive experience; conciliator in Massachusetts; no war experience.

McCain. Little executive experience; loner; arrogant; courageous; veteran; bucks the consensus; gets nasty when the going gets tough.

If you were the Mullahs or Kim, who would you most hate to face? Right, the nutter.

So for the world’s sake, we hope McCain wins today and goes on to win the presidency.


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