Jesus Must Weep

The leader of the Church of England is anti-Christian – he supports tyrants and scorns their victims.

He supported the right of the Soviet Fear State to enslave hundreds of millions:

In 1985, he was arrested for singing psalms as part of a protest organized by the Committee for Nuclear Disarmament at Lakenheath, an American air base in Suffolk…

He thinks the 9/11 killers were not without merit when they made their victims choose between burning and jumping.

He was in New York at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks, only yards from Ground Zero delivering a lecture; he subsequently wrote a short book, ‘Writing in the Dust’, offering reflections on the event. In reference to Al Qaeda, he claimed that terrorists “… can have serious moral goals”

He thinks Saddam Hussein should have been left undisturbed to commit genocide and torture:

…on behalf of all 114 Church of England bishops, he wrote to Tony Blair expressing deep concern about UK government policy and criticising the coalition troops’ conduct in Iraq.

The letter cited the abuse of Iraqi detainees, which was described as having been “deeply damaging” – and stated that the government’s apparent double standards “diminish the credibility of western governments”.

In December 2006 he expressed doubts in an interview on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 about whether he had done enough to oppose the war.

He supports the Mullahs, who promise to kill another 6 million Jews, and stone women to death:

On the 5th October 2007 Williams visited Iraqi refugees in Syria. In a BBC interview after his trip he described advocates of a US attack on Syria or Iran as ‘criminal, ignorant and potentially murderous’.

So his appeasement of Muslim oppression of women is entirely in character (my ellipsis):

Dr Williams said it “seems inevitable” that elements of Islamic law, such as divorce proceedings, would be incorporated into British law.

…the UK had to “face up to the fact” that some citizens do not relate to the British legal system, and argued that officially sanctioning Sharia law would improve community relations.

Actually, the Brit government already allows Sharia courts, and their malign influence is exposed by the Centre for Social Cohesion in their report Honour-Based Violence In the UK. Here’s how these courts work (my ellipsis):

…‘Sharia Courts’ set up to standardise Muslim marriages in the UK, theoretically permit women to initiate divorce proceedings on the grounds of domestic violence. In practice, however, this is rarely the case.

…the Islamic Sharia Council will tend to try to balance the women’s interests against those of her husband, family and extended community. In many cases, this consultative approach can allow community leaders and family to pressure the women to withdraw plans to divorce or to return to abusive husbands. (A Women’s Aid worker) says:

“Within the Sharia Council they will approach family members to listen to the wife’s side of the story and the husband’s side and then use religious texts to approach the question of whether a divorce should be granted. In our experience this isn’t going to result in a solution which is fair for the woman.”

While forcing abused women back into the hands of their abusers, these courts let men “issue” divorces – here’s a supposedly liberal Brit Sharia court member:

“We encourage a man to wait till the woman has finished her menstrual cycle before issuing the divorce because then he would have time to think it over and not make a rash decision. The point is to keep the family together and not break it up …

Also, the man must not have relations with woman [i.e. an affair] when making the decision; it is not accepted to have relations while making the decision.

Also, it is not advised to issue a divorce and leave the women with nothing, often these decisions are made in anger and are made on the spur of the moment. The man has to also issue a clear statement of divorce before it is accepted.”

The 1980s comedy Yes Prime Minister explains how the current incumbent got to run a Christian church:

As Prime Minister, Hacker must appoint a bishop–er, “recommend the appointment to the Sovereign”–but unfortunately, the two candidates are a suspected disestablishmentarian and a left-wing troublemaker who doesn’t even believe in God (naturally, he’s the one the Church of England wants).

But the Church of England supporting the strong against the weak isn’t funny.


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