Why Jailing Muslim Lawbreakers Will Help Integration

The Brit state’s preferential employment of “minorities” harms national security and human rights. And, above all, it harms immigrants.

Yesterday we reported on the reality of sharia law in the UK, using a report from the Centre for Social Cohesion. That report also describes how some Muslim men betray abused women:

In the UK, women fleeing abuse head for the local Women’s Refuge – here’s a director of one such:

“This is something new that the (immigrant) community organises such networks and it is becoming more frequent where women are tracked and news is reported.

Women who work here believe that it is a common occurrence. It has happened for us and women don’t get into taxis in fear of being tracked down.”

Then there are state officials (my ellipsis):

In other instances, women have been tracked down through by family members working in Job Centres accessing their National Insurance (NI) data which indicate where they are collecting their benefits.

(In one case) an 18-year old Pakistani Muslim woman was almost abducted from a Job Centre as she went to sign-on after her relatives accessed confidential National Insurance information…

“We have a case where we moved a girl from eight refuges and still her husband found her – even though she had changed her identity.

He found her through her National Insurance number. There are people in the council and in government offices who help communities find girls who have gone missing. Leaking confidential information from state organisations is quite common.”

Then there are the Atheist Archbishop’s favorite sharia courts (my ellipsis):

In some cases, the Islamic Sharia Council has disclosed the location of women to their husbands after being approached by (women’s) refuges to grant the women a divorce.

In spite of which:

This study has not found any instances of prosecutions being brought against those who have leaked or accessed confidential information which has then been used to commit honour-based violence against women.

This isn’t the cops’ fault – they’re doing a splendid job providing equality before the law.

Rather it’s the responsibility of the State organizations that – fearing charges of discrimination – give licenses to, employee, and endorse, people who leak confidential data.

As a result, Brit women tend to avoid Muslim taxi drivers, Muslims are considered bad state security risks, and Brit natives increasingly disdain Muslims.

Turning a blind eye to these crimes hurts all Muslims, most of whom just wants join us in the sun (in the UK that’s metaphorically speaking).

So we need some prosecutions, quickly, before this gets out of control.


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