Seems The UK WILL Make It

Many people we know fear the UK will succumb to Islam. But the universal outrage of Brits at their Archbishop’s promotion of Sharia law says they won’t be submitting to Islam after all – here’s a sample of the reaction.

The Archbishop has run for cover, unsurprisingly using the hate preacher defense (my emphasis):

“The Archbishop has been clarifying and setting in a wider context the comments he has made and I’m sure he will continue to do so in the future.”

The remarks came as the Archbishop was bracing himself for a confrontation with senior Church members as he refuses to apologise over the sharia law row.

The MSM has lined up against him – here’s the London Times:

Although he is a holy and spiritual man, danger lies in the appearance of the kind of intellectual arrogance common to many of Britain’s liberal elite. It is an arrogance that affords no credibility or respect to the popular voice.

The London Telegraph:

The archbishop has discredited not just himself, and the über-tolerant multicultural lobby that he sought to support, but the position of the established Church.

The Daily Mail:

Three quarters of the worshippers at Canterbury Cathedral yesterday who were asked about the archbishop’s views on sharia said he should quit.

The Independent has an excellent piece on Sharia abuse of women in the UK:

If a man wants a divorce, he simply has to say to his wife, “I divorce you” three times over three months. The wife has no right of appeal, and no right to ask for a reason.

If a woman wants a divorce, by contrast, she has to humbly ask her husband. If he refuses, she must turn to a sharia court, and convince three Mullahs that her husband has behaved “unreasonably” – according to the rules laid out in a pre-modern text that recommends domestic violence if your wife gets uppity…

These are the courts that Rowan Williams would give the stamp of British law…

So as well as scorning the Archbishop, we should thank him. He has helped to deliver the funeral rites for multiculturalism.

Even the tabloid Sun’s Motoring Correspondent:

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the most annoying man in the world.

He seems to think that the Church of England is a soap box on to which he can clamber to deliver lectures that would disgrace even a sixth form debating society.

The only good news to come out of the man’s lunacy is that we can pretty much ignore his rubbish and nonsense because today, thanks to his idiocy, he leads a church with fewer members than the Padstow Tufty Club.

The Sun is sufficiently encouraged to report our spyplanes catching Brit Muslims fighting for the Taliban:

RAF experts eavesdropped on radio traffic in Afghanistan — and heard Taliban fighters speaking in Brummie and Yorkshire accents.

The voices were detected during top secret spy-in-the-sky surveillance missions over lawless Helmand province.

The revelation proves that growing numbers of British-born Muslims are moving to Afghanistan to fight along side the Taliban.

The tabloid Mirror (after some “tiny minority” waffling):

There is no place for Sharia law in the United Kingdom. There never will be.

Only the Guardian, last refuge of multiculti, attempts a defense. But it’s pathetic:

The laws and rights of sharia seem archaic to most people in British society.

The volume of media coverage following the archbishop’s speech suggests that there is not just misapprehension and bemusement, but outright hostility.

For many, there is an instinct to fight for the rights of the women that are perceived to be undermined or abused by Islamic law. That is an admirable instinct. But…

I’ll spare you the But.

Pols and religious leaders have piled in too – even Gordon Brown:

“The Prime Minister believes the Archbishop of Canterbury is a man of great integrity and dedication to public and community service and he understands the difficulty he is facing at the moment.”

I.E. “He’s Screwed”.

But the most fascinating reads are the disgusted comments of ordinary readers.

So the Archbishop has done the UK a great favor – it’s now OK to loudly criticize Muslims who step out of line.

That means a lot of bad things now won’t happen – there will be no calls to prayer in Oxford, the Sharia courts will run for cover, and the next Muslim demonstration in London will attract a barrage of rotten eggs (or worse).

But, more importantly, Muslim immigrants now face a clear line in the sand – shape up or the Brit people will come after you.


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