The Silence Of The Chickens

The warmenists have gone unusually quiet – that’s because the sun has has, and we’ve had a record cold January.

It’s cold outside:

…the intensity of planet-wide cooler temperatures seen in January 2008, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, which has seen record amounts of snow coverage extent as well as new record low surface temperatures in many places.

In fact (my ellipsis):

…the northern hemisphere (except for western Europe) has been enduring its coldest winter for decades, with snow cover at its greatest extent since 1966.

January’s global temperatures were lower than their entire 20th-century average (and) Antarctic summer ice was at its highest January level ever recorded, 30 per cent above normal.

The warmenists say the world is heating up and it’s all our fault, and nothing to do with the sun. But this looks suspicious:

It is normal for our sun to have quiet periods between solar cycles, but we’ve seen months and months of next to nothing, and the start of Solar cycle 24 seems to have materialized…then abruptly disappeared. The reverse polarity sunspot that signaled the start of cycle 24 on January 4th, dissolved within two days after that.

Of course correlation does not imply causation (except to junk scientists), and this little difficulty could sort itself out so we get a nice century of warmth, with less people dying from cold, crops boosted by the extra CO2, and the poor of the world joining us in the (re-invigorated) sun.

On the other hand, we could be entering a Dalton Minimum, which means another Little Ice Age, with Frost Fairs on the frozen Thames, and Dickensian Christmases.

But it won’t be a winter wonderland:

“The fowls, fish and birds, and all our exotic plants and greens universally perishing. Many parks of deer were destroyed, and all sorts of fuel so dear that there were great contributions to keep the poor alive…

London, by reason for the excessive coldness of the air hindering the ascent of the smoke, was so filled with the fuliginous steam of the sea-coal… that one could hardly breath.


The above was written in 1684 – the following was written this day of 2008 (my ellipsis):

(In the photo) the sun rises over a herd of deer on a cold and frosty morning in Hampton Court Park, Middlesex, yesterday. Saturday night was the coldest of the year in England and Wales, with temperatures of minus 10C (14F) recorded in Birmingham.


2 Responses to The Silence Of The Chickens

  1. dymphna says:

    Isn’t their ignorance gob-smacking. They don’t get that “warm is good” because they live in their climate-controlled luxury.


    We’ve had some cold but no worse than usual. I’ve seen amazing pictures, though.
    And food prices are going to go up.

    Of course, these moron can turn on a dime and begin banging the drum about the Coming Ice Age…we’re all going to die…and if you ask, “but I thought you said…” you’ll get a blank stare and a polire “WHAT warming? You must be crazy…”

    I say we burn Algore in effigy countless times in order to keep warm.

  2. gandalf says:


    Amen to that!

    I suspect the reason earlier generations of junk scientists have been able to skulk into the undergrowth is our lousy MSM.

    Who now remembers who exactly said we’d all be dead by now from nvCJD, or Aids? The MSM does, but it’s pre-web archives are closely held.

    But now they can’t hide. Gore is on a zillion YouTubes, ditto Blair. And with a bit of sleuthing I think i can dig up the names of the 20 or so people that write the IPCC reports.

    So, this time, we will have a little list…

    PS, Re your last point, does it just have to be in effigy?

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